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Recently updated on March 9th, 2023 at 12:41 pm

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

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The Rest Bed is a performance mattress that can dynamically change firmness as you sleep in order for you to get optimal support and pressure relief as you change positions at night, it is unlike any mattress I have previously reviewed.  This is achieved through the use of air chambers that inflate and deflate throughout the night in specific areas of the mattress based on the feedback received from a pressure sensing fabric.  You also have the option to manually set firmness throughout the mattress.

Completely different than any other mattress we have previously reviewed. Automatically adjusts firmness throughout the night as you move and change positions. Yes, there are other brands that offer this but only ReST, as far as I know, allows you to change the pressure in distinct zones. 

Unboxing and Overview of the ReST Mattress

Below is a video overview of the mattress from delivery, setup and my thoughts about sleeping on it. Please note that ReST no longer supplies the 2 tablets. Instead you can use your phone to control it which I found to be more convenient. It also takes up much less space on your nightstand.

The Mattress comes in a large box. Inside you will find all the pumps and hoses as well as the mattress itself which is folded in half.

Rest mattress box

Here’s what you will find inside the box.

inside rest box

Here’s everything out of the box.

rest out of the box

How Much Does the ReST Mattress Cost?

Below are the current prices of the ReST mattress. The mattress comes with a 90-day risk-free return policy. No restocking fees, no return fees. Should you decide to keep it you are backed by a 10-year warranty that covers not only the mattress but also the mechanical components such as the air pumps and hoses. 

Twin XL$3,799
Split King$7,598
California King$5,599
Split California King$7,598
Queen Split Top$5,799

Construction of the Rest Bed

The cover is made of a polyester fabric that feels like athletic wear. ReST calls this layer, “Sleep Skin”. It’s stretchy and allows the foam underneath to fully conform to your body. 


rest cover

rest sinkage

Underneath that is a 4-inch layer of cooling gel foam which I found to be extra soft. Sort of like dough. If this was on a traditional foam or hybrid mattress, it probably wouldn’t work but since you can adjust the firmness underneath I appreciated the extra pressure relief on the top layer. 

rest foam layer

Underneath the foam layer is a sensor system knitted into an antimicrobial fabric. This, “Smart Sensor” has 1,000 data points per side that deliver pressure data to the pump and connected app. 

Underneath the Smart Sensor are 5 medical-grade polyurethane air chambers that make up the different zones of the mattress. All of this is encased in border made of rigid foam for optimal edge support. 

rest zones

How to Setup your ReST Mattress

The setup process is a bit more involved than your typical mattress. Once you place the mattress on your bed you find that it looks like a deflated air mattress. 

setting up rest mattress

Next you’ll need to connect the hoses to the air pumps. Connecting the hoses is easy. Each group of hoses gets connected to a separate pump and the hoses are labeled for each zone of the mattress. At this point, Don’t worry about which is right or left. 

rest pumps

Once the hoses are connected and the pumps are plugged in, the mattress will start inflating. The motor is very quiet and you will hardly hear it working. It took about 15 minutes for the mattress to fully inflate. 

connecting rest hoses

While you are waiting for the mattress to inflate, you can begin setting up the app on your phone or tablet. 

rest app

My ReST Bed Findings

Since this mattress can be adjusted for firmness, it can be both soft and firm. That said, I found the top layer of foam to be extra soft. The top layer needs to be super soft because it allows you to get the full effect of the zone chambers underneath. 

rest sinkage

I tried the mattress at all settings and really enjoyed the lumbar support and the ability to drop the pressure in the zone where my shoulders are. I also tried the automatic setting which can take some getting used to since you will feel the mattress inflate and deflate as you move. Long term I would probably use a specific setting that’s optimal for me which would prevent me from having to move around in the first place. 

edge support

I found the app to be rough around the edges. The experience of setting it up the first time was a little tiring. When you first launch the app you’ll have to update it and you will find yourself connecting to your wifi network multiple times to get the mattress working with the app. The app starts out in automatic mode which means it automatically responds to how your weight is distributed across the mattress. It gets these readings from a pressure-sensitive matt built inside the mattress. The app does a great job of showing off pressure points in real-time and which zones are inflated more than the others. The app also lets you switch to manual mode to control the amount of air in each zone by sliding them up and down. 


If you have tried multiple mattresses with different constructions and still aren’t finding the right balance of support and pressure relief, it may be time to consider the ReST Mattress.  It probably wouldn’t be the first mattress I would try given the price but if you have tried multiple brands and constructions and are still not getting the right feel, then the ReST would certainly be worth a shot. It is unlike any other mattress I have tried. There are other mattresses on the market that will adjust firmness with an air chamber but the ReST mattress is the only mattress I know of that has distinct zones and that’s where this mattress and the technology really shines. When I sleep on my side, my shoulders often get sore and I really enjoyed being able to firm up my lumbar area while decreasing pressure towards my shoulders. This is something that no other mattress offers and for that reason alone it is an excellent choice for side sleepers. 

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idle air mattress
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Recently updated on March 7th, 2023 at 09:48 am

Editor’s Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. For full details visit the disclosures page.

The Idle Sleep Air is a mattress made layers of latex and foam and an air chamber that can be inflated with a remote control to adjust the firmness of the mattress. This gives you the ability to adjust the firmness whenever you like without having to change out layers or add a mattress topper. You can also buy a dual chamber system so that each side of the mattress can have a different firmness. Currently, a queen size retails for $2,524 before any discounts which is very affordable for what you get. And on top of that, it comes with a 120-day trial.

Overview of the Idle Sleep Air

Your Idle Air mattress will arrive in a box like the one below. It’s hard to believe but you get lots of mattress layers and technology all rolled into a compact box.

Idle Air Box

Here’s what it looks like right out of the box.

Idle right ouf of the box

The remotes are safely packaged so they don’t come loose during shipment.

idle air remote

With a dual chamber system you get a remote for each side. They are wired but long enough so you don’t have to strain to reach them.

idle air remotesWhen you open the box you will see that the mattress looks about halfway inflated. That’s because of the other foam and latex layers. The next step is to plug it in and start adding the air.  I received the dual chamber model so you would need to inflate each chamber separately.

idle air unboxed

Construction of the Idle Sleep Air Bed

The top layer is a quilted fabric with batting to give it a pillow top feel. Below that is a layer that you can rotate to make it softer or firmer. One side is memory foam and the other is a latex foam.

top layers


You also get edge support along the perimeter of the mattress with high-density foam. That way you can use all the bed without feeling like you will roll off it.

idle sleep edge support

How Much Does the Idle Sleep Air Cost?

Below are the current prices of the mattress before any discounts.

SizeRetail Price
Twin XL$1,624
Queen (single chamber)$2,524
Queen (dual chamber)$2,584
Cal King$2,774
Split King#3,248

My Idle Sleep Air Mattress Findings

What makes this mattress interesting is the fact that you can adjust your firmness by inflating or deflating the air chambers. Personally, I think if you sleep with someone else, you should get the dual chamber option because you can then adjust each side to the perfect firmness level.

To give you an idea of the range of firmness, here’s a video illustrating how the mattress inflates going from basically 0 to firm.

Here’s a side view of me laying on the mattress and lowering the firmness.

Aside from the air chamber making the mattress softer or firmer. You can also adjust the top comfort layer by unzipping the cover and flipping it over. There are actually two zipper systems so when you unzip the top layer you won’t disrupt the other layers beneath.

idle air zippers

Here’s a picture of the top layers with mattress unzipped. The top layer is the latex layer.

idle layers

Here’s a clip of how these layers react.

Underneath this is the second part of the system. To access it, you need to unzip the other zipper. You can see a convoluted layer of foam and underneath that are the air chambers. You can also see the edge support foam

idle layer 2

Below the convoluted foam layer is the air chamber. What I particularly like about this construction is that the air chamber is basically taking the place of a spring system. Since there are multiple comfort layers above this, it doesn’t feel like you are sleeping on an air mattress.

air chamber

There’s very little motion transfer with this mattress. If you go with the dual chamber system, there’s even less. Here’s a video illustrating motion transfer using my 14 lb. bowling ball. This was done on the same chamber.

It’s a little hard to illustrate firmness on this mattress because the padded top layer makes the bowling ball sink in quite a bit already but here’s what it looks like at maximum firmness.

sinkage idle air

And here’s what it looks like on the other side of the mattress where I turned it all the way down to the lowest setting.

idle air low setting

My Idle Air Mattress Recommendation

Overall this mattress is an incredible value. Considering that you can change your firmness with a remote without having to switch out layers is a huge benefit. On top of that, being able to customize the firmness of the components inside the mattress is unique and adds more customization beyond just adding or taking away air. Best of all you get a 120 day trial with this mattress. Since this is a relatively big investment it is good to have the peace of mind knowing you can return it if things to don’t work out.

I recommend this mattress for couples that have considerably different firmness preferences. It is also good for people that may need to change the firmness of their mattress frequently due to health issues or other conditions.

Learn more about the Idle Sleep Air