Cariloha Bamboo Sheets Review

Cariloha Bamboo Sheets Review 2

Recently updated on January 29th, 2020 at 11:56 pm

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I received a free set of Cariloha sheets for review.  For years I have slept on cheap sheets from large retail stores. But I have also purchased sheets in excess of $150 from higher end department stores that were made from everything from cotton to silk. I was recently given the opportunity to review some bamboo sheets from Cariloha. Hands down these these are the best sheets my wife and I have ever slept on. They are smooth like silk sheets but not as slippery. They are also much more breathable and easier to clean as they can be washed in a regular washer and dryer, something not always easily done with silk sheets. I have learned that bamboo is also antibacterial so you won’t get that musty smell that cotton sheets usually acquire after a few months. The Cariloha bamboo sheets are also hypoallergenic which is a critical decision point for sheet shoppers. The Cariloha bamboo sheets are a bit more expensive than a traditional sheet set but given how long I usually have sheets, it’s well worth the investment. I don’t see myself ever purchasing anything other than bamboo sheets in the future.


Cariloha bamboo sheets also come with a lifetime quality guarantee so that if you ever have a problem with them, they will replace them for you. Bamboo is a “green” textile which means producing these sheets has a smaller impact on the environment than creating cotton sheets. A big plus if you’re at all concerned about the environment. Cariloha sheets are organically grown and they do not use bleach in the dying process. If that wasn’t enough, they also give back to society.

The sheets come in all sorts of colors to match your bedroom decor and according to their product literature, all their products are softer than any other comparable item in that category. A very high standard they have set for themselves and piece of mind for Cariloha consumers.


Update May 20, 2016

I recently received the Resort Collection sheets from Cariloha. Below is an unboxing video. In the video I said the wrong color, these are actually the graphite color sheets. The feel even silkier than the original. So between the two, if you want something a little softer, go with the original, if you want a more silky feel, go with the resort sheets.

Don’t hesitate to purchase Cariloha Sheets as part of your dream bedroom. You will be hard pressed to do any better!

In 2017 Cariloha came out with their own Bamboo mattress. In keeping with the Cariloha vibe, this mattress is designed to sleep cool and should pair very well with their cool sleeping bamboo sheets.

You can get more information on the Cariloha Mattress Here.

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26 thoughts on “Cariloha Bamboo Sheets Review”

  1. Brenda Frost says:

    I just purchased my first set an I absolutely love them. I would like to purchase another set and try the towels next. ♡♡♡♡What a difference sleeping on theses sheets.

    1. Where did you get the lifetime guarantee from it very misleading and confirmed untrue
      My sheets resort bamboo wore a hole threw in just under 16 months
      They can not due anything as it is outside the 1 year I say 1 year guarantee period
      Your article makes people think it’s lifetime when it’s clearly not

      1. You are right. They wear out and the one year guarantee is useless. The fabric is not high quality for the price.

  2. Sandra Teller says:

    i just bought the tan king size and very sad that they don’t fit the mattress like it says I could over look how wrinkled they get but I washed them by the directions and according to the measurement it should fit snugly but it doesn’t 🙁

  3. Wesley nelson says:

    I have seen these Cariloha sheets when on a cruise and they certainly feel amazing. However, I have seen many reviews saying that these sheets are often a poor quality and come apart very quickly. The top sheet is way too small. Many also say that the pilling is very bad. Have you experienced this?

    1. I didn’t find the top sheet to be too small. I will say that they do tend to wear more quickly than cotton sheets. I only use them in the warm months in Minnesota which is really only about 3 months out of the year so they aren’t used year round.

    2. Filomena Viar says:

      Shrinkage!! Bought 2 pairs, both shrunk!! Not worth it.

  4. These are great sheets, I have had other bamboo sheets in the past too. The other pair lasted 3 years before the bottom sheet started tearing the Cariloha’s are starting to tear now after 2 years. I expect more than that for the price they cost.

    1. There is a lifetime guarantee on these sheets. If they are tearing I would contact the company for a replacement.

    2. I don’t see a price anywhere. but it did say lifetime warranty . Did you ever try to replace them?

  5. Bought 4 t-shirts for my husband because I loved the softness. Not worn very much before getting holes in them not even on a seam line so they are u repairable. Very poor quality for the price.

  6. I bought my first pair. I would NEVER purchase again. The quality is not what should be for the price They ball and ‘pill’. They are paper thin. Also bought a shirt from the store in the Caribbean somewhere……Horrible….so thin after first washing…QUALITY IS MISSING!

  7. I’ve bought the sheets, t-shirts, and socks and love them. Some reviewers complain about the thinness of the material. First, the t-shirts are not any thinner than others on the market, nor are the sheets. IF they get holes, etc., it’s no big deal because they have a lifetime guarantee that IS honored. I can’t find that anywhere else. Second, if they were too thin for a person’s taste, all they have to do is return them — free of charge. No one product is going to be perfect for everyone, so read any negative views with a grain of salt. Love these products!!

  8. I bought these sheets a month ago. After the second wash, there was a hole. Third wash, more holes. Asked for new ones. Washed once. Already a hole. Gee!

  9. I have had my Cariloha sheets for 5 months now. I switch between Brooklinen, which were purchased at the same time, and the Cariloha sheets every week. By far the Cariloha are the most comfortable, softest sheets. They have gone through multiple washings and dryer and are still perfect. They do look a bit wrinkled until you put them on the bed and then the wrinkles are not noticeable and disappear. The Brooklinen sheets are comfortable, not as soft and are fraying on the edges. I found this review site while going online to purchase another set for my daughter. These are the best sheets so far that I have ever purchased. Only problem-I don’t want to get up in the morning, but after a long, hard day of work-can’t wait to get in bed and relax-they are truly that comfortable.

  10. Debra Whitehead says:

    I started with a single pair of panties and ended up with Sheets, towels, washcloths, and hand towels. I am in LOVE!!!! The sheets are so comfortable. I only wash in tap water with organic detergent. No problems yet!!! We love the softness and comfort of all Cariloha products…. We try to do everything organic and this company is top notch….. Do not hesitate to purchase and try believe me you will love them all!!!!

  11. Denise Sluck says:

    Purchased these sheets while on vacation May 2017. Don’t use the sheets very often & I wash according to directions & hang dry the sheets due to they were expensive & I’m afraid to damage them. I’m very careful with them but despite this, the sheets have become discolored. We purchased the Tahaiti Blue color sheets. Recently went about emailing customer service to see if we can exchange them for new ones! Hoping that their life time warranty is 100% true and not just a scheme. Aside from
    That the sheets and mattress are TO DIE FOR!! Best mattress ever!

  12. Wes Bargeloh says:

    Purchased a set Feb 22 2018. Pilled during second use. They were replaced and pilled after second use. For us not a good product given the high price

  13. Candace Arkell says:

    I own four pairs of Cariloha sheets. They do wear through more quickly than other sheets I’ve had, which was okay, because they used to replace them, as they promised when I bought them. I called today to get a set replaced under the lifetime warrantee, and they informed me that they no longer honor the lifetime warrantee.
    If you’re buying their products because you think they offer a lifetime guarantee, they no long do. A lot of sites still report that they do, but they are mistaken.
    That’s fine. They can change their policy. But they shouldn’t renege on promises they made to customers in the past.

  14. CARILOHA DOES NOT HAVE A LIFETIME WARRANTY. You should change your comments above. I purchased two sets of these sheets in 2018. I don’t use them every week. I switch off and mainly use them for company, so I was surprised when one of the fitted sheets lost its elastic. I contacted the company and they said they “our warranty only covers a year of manufacturer defects.” That’s a quote straight from their email. Don’t waste your money on these. Sure, they’re soft, but they don’t last.

  15. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON CARILOHA SHEETS! First of all – Cariloha’s “lifetime warranty” does not cover pilling!!!! We purchased the Cariloha Classic Viscose Twin XL sheet set in white on May 25th for my daughter to take to college in the Fall. She used them for less than a month and the fitted sheet is so pilled that she can’t sleep on it comfortably. I emailed Cariloha and explained the situation and they replied that their warranty does NOT cover pilling. This is obviously a sign that the company KNOWS there is a problem with pilling. I sent pictures of the pilling to them and they are having their quality control look at it. At this point I don’t want a replacement – they will probably pill up exactly as the first set. …and the rep also suggested that the problem was my daughter – that she washed them incorrectly. She only had them on the bed for less than 30 days!!!! We washed them when we received them and then once more during the time she had them on the bed. We used Fiji Fresh organic laundry detergent sheets – no fabric softener, in cold water, dried on gentle/low.

    These sheets are a complete rip off – save yourself money and huge headaches and avoid at all cost.

  16. Filomena Viar says:

    Very disappointed in the Cariloha Bamboo Sheets. This was our second set. The first set shrunk, I thought I must have done something wrong. I purchased a second set, and after 2 washings, following the directions, they shrunk too!! The instructions say “do not use fabric softener, and use cold water, low heat”. I followed the instructions, I’m the only one that does the wash, so can’t blame anyone else. I didn’t even mind the wrinkles when they came out of the dryer! Don’t waste your money!! Their warranty does not cover shrinkage!

  17. The hubs and I purchased these 3 years ago. We love them. We are lucky that we bought them when we had a lifetime warranty cause as of this year they changed all warranty purchased go for 1 year only. We had a issue with our sheets being manufactured wrong with a tag on the wrong end of the sheets and they ended up sending us our replacement. The Bamboo sheets can shrink if you wash them with hot water or use softener which technically isn’t needed because they are so soft and try to dry them on low until you think they are done… we didnt follow these rules the first go around and it definitely shrunk a little but not enough to wear we couldnt use them on our king bed…just have to put them on from the top to bottom so that they dont pop up as easily if we do it half assed.

  18. I said in an earlier review (never posted) the flat queen-size sheet is skimmpy.
    After using sheets for two weeks,, I found them too light-weight. I wrote to company three times asking them to return my money. (These are expensive sheets.)
    They would not reply.
    So much for trust.

    Evelyn, Naples FL

  19. It saddens me to read these reviews. I was hooked on these 6 yrs ago and when I purchased them there was a lifetime warranty. Now they only have a year and the quality has gone out the window. I regret ever sending my first set back as they were amazing but had a few issues. Now they don’t last a year and I was and dry correctly as indicated. I bought the Resort ones originally and my replacements have not been even close to the first set I purchased. For $259 these sheets should be better made and last and like I said the quality has gone out the door at some point.

  20. Ruth Carter says:

    I love the feel of the fabric, but the top sheet is about 12 inches shorter than all the other top sheets I’ve had in my long life. I can’t tuck it in on the bottom, so it winds up in a wad by morning.

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