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Sofas dominate the living area. They are an integral part of your house décor. It is a piece of furniture that completes the home. In fact, home doesn’t feel like home without the sofa there to lounge in, relax, work, and entertain. This pandemic has made this already essential piece of furniture even more important in daily life activities.

Given how important your sofa is in your routine life, it only makes sense to buy one that not only takes care of your comfort levels but also provides good support and is durable. Sofa buying is made with a long term timefcn1’rame in mind since it is not something you change with the seasons. However, sofa buying is not as simple as it sounds, especially when done conventionally.

Enter online shopping, and you have yourself a lovely sofa buying experience with no more rounds of shops looking at countless sofas only to buy one out of sheer exhaustion. You can easily sit in the comfort of your home and go through as many different sofa options as you want. The best thing is that it gets delivered to your doorstep. This article will take you through the Burrow Sofa. It is one of the pioneers of online sofa shopping and has redefined the concept of modular furniture, making it more comfort centric than is the market norm.

In A Nutshell

The Burrow Sofa excels in satisfying the needs of small city apartments and lofts. The company established itself with the motto to manufacture the perfect sofas for modern small spaces. The design is sleek and sophisticated to edge itself into the fast lifestyle of young working professionals as well as to satisfy the trendy urges of an American family complete with kids and pets abound.

The design is just part of the package. It comes with a high comfort ranking to go with the looks. You can just as easily turn this sofa into your Sunday night Netflix binge bench as you can into a formal brunch set up. It blends beautifully into any role you want it to play. The size is great for a couple and even a couple with a kid. The assembly part is a very simple process and adds to the overall fabulous experience.

All in all, the Burrow Sofa is a unique sofa that is aimed at bringing online shopping for a sofa into the forefront. It makes sofa shopping a fun and breezy affair with a fabulous product that fits wonderfully into your living room.

Pros and Cons


Modern and sleek design

Limited fabric and color options

Easy assembly with no additional tools requirement

Only one style of sofa available
Features USB port and power cable

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The Burrow Sofa is designed predominantly for the modern and modular lifestyle. It features a sleek silhouette, which is apt for city living. The sofa perfectly complements small living spaces of the New-York style living. This does not mean that the sofa cannot fit on well with other décors. The understated style statement of the Burrow makes it ideal for all types of living room décor.

It is available in three safe colors of grey, charcoal, and blue. These colors ensure that you get a choice for personalization while making sure that any color you choose is sure to blend in well with your existing style. You also get to choose between three different sofa leg finishes, from a lovely warm walnut finish to a nice under-toned oak finish. Lastly, there is the black metal finish option for those that like a darker, more contrasting look to their sofa.

Further, the sofa features a truly modular design that gives you the flexibility to set it up which way you like. All the parts can be set up together to give you different configurations making the sofa a fun furniture piece that will grow and accommodate your changing style preferences. You can add other parts to the sofa over time to expand it as well or jazz it up with other equally stylish pieces from this range. The bottom line is that you will never get bored with the Burrow Sofa. There is just too much to do with it.

Material and Construction

The sofa legs are made of parawood. This is more popularly known as the “Asian Oak” in layman’s terms. The sofa frame, on the other hand, is made from hardwood and the panels are all single sheets of pliable and bent plywood. The materials are all sustainably sourced and made in the USA. The pinewood used is tested for durability and is resistant to warping with time.

Tight Olefin weave material is used as upholstery. This is designed to be both stain-resistant and scratch proof. So, you do not have to worry about your cat scratching up the legs of the sofa anymore.

The cushions themselves are made with medium density foam for the perfect balance of support and comfort. They are filled with shredded fill and fiber wadding to add to the sink-in and plush experience. All these materials are CertiPUR-US certified and free from all harmful chemicals and nasty toxins, making them safe for you and your family.


Burrow has paid equal attention to comfort as well as style in this sofa. They firmly believe that a sofa is meant for lounging and reject the notion of a modular and modern sofa being inherently cold and uncomfortable. They are determined to scrap the idea that a “modern” sofa is a sofa that no one wants to snooze around in. Instead, you have a modern sofa with nice, deep, and fluffy cushions that just invite you to laze around in.

These plushy and soft cushions are fitted in deep, expansive seats that accommodate the whole girth of the body well. No more perching on the edge or feeling like half your body is dangling at the corner of the seat with the Burrow Sofa. They even take care of the inevitable spills by making the cover stain-resistant and easy spot cleaning for easy maintenance and upkeep. The brand claims that any stain can be removed with a bleach solution spitz and nominal elbow grease.


Burrow has recently redesigned the legs of the sofa. They now stand at 5 ½” tall. This makes for an adequate leg clearance that can easily accommodate a tall person without them having to fold their legs or slouch down to sit on the sofa.

Shipping and Delivery

You get free and fast delivery with each Burrow purchase. They do not charge you anything extra for shipping purposes, unlike most other sofa brands. So, you end up saving a cool $100 or so on shipping charges, which just adds to the positive shopping experience offered by Burrows.

The sofa comes to your doorstep in 6 or fewer boxes. They are all similarly sized to be easily moved around and even carried up a flight of stairs. There are no heavy pieces involved, so moving the boxes will not be a problem.


Most people cringe at the thought of furniture assembly. However, you can rest easy here. The company makes assembly as easy as counting one, two, and three. You just have to open the boxes, set the frames, and it is clicking them in place and latching on the legs. The legs come hardware-based, so there is no need to do anything more than screwing them securely in place.

The assembly will take you about 15 minutes max. You just need to latch-up the different frames together, so the figuring-up part is which frame goes where. No heavy lifting, no additional tools, and a completely hassle-free assembly experience.

Real-Time Use

The sofa holds up very well with use. The cushions are good in supporting the weight of two adults over time. There is a slight sinking feeling to the fluffiness of the cushions, but not so much that it starts to look and feel worn out.

You will not find any frayed edges or filling coming out from the seams like some other sofas in this price range, which makes the Burrow Sofa a good long term investment. The back section is very good for support purposes and has the right angle for a comfortable and extended sofa time. It does not collapse, and you don’t have to worry about the sofa giving way under you.

The upholstery also bears pretty well under spilled wine, pizza stains, and the occasional pasta sauce. It does a pretty good job of repelling most of these stains, but for those that leave a mark, you have a bleach solution to take of it. The sofa comes with a 30 days free trial period for the added comfort of knowing that you are not stuck with the purchase if you don’t like it.

Bottom Line

If modern living in your zone style, then you should opt for the Burrow Sofa. It gives a new twist to modular taking it away from the cold styles to more warm and comfortable furniture products. The quick delivery and easy assembly only add to the overall sofa appeal. Even though you get only three color and leg finish options, these options will leave you satisfied. The durability of the sofa and the ease with which you can configure it into different styles will leave you excited to try this range. All in all, this sofa from Burrows is a keeper in all senses.

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  1. The sectional I ordered from them is absolute garbage. Just back pain waiting to happen. Each base has a huge lip around it which causes you to sink in and then have a hard perimeter. The chaise is almost unusable and the customer service is the worst I have EVER dealt with. Don’t do it!

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