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The Buffy Comforter is the latest bedding product to hit your Facebook feed. This comforter is made with natural eucalyptus. The claim is that having the threads made with eucalyptus makes them more resistant to bacteria, mildew and mites. The Buffy comforter is machine washable which is a huge plus as it allows you to keep your bedding clean and fresh without having to go to the dry cleaner.

I bought a king size Buffy and here are my findings.

Ordering the Buffy Comforter

You can order a Buffy directly through their website. Shipping was fast and arrived in about 5 days.  You have the option to try before you buy. This means they will place a hold on your credit card where the charge is pending. If you decide you don’t like it, you can return it and Buffy will not charge the card. The other option is that you can pay up front but still have the option to return it for a full refund. I chose the latter. If you order from Amazon you get Amazons standard 30-day return option which is easy.

Unboxing Your Buffy

Like many online brands, the unboxing of the product is a fun experience. Your comforter will arrive in a box like this.

Buffy Box














Here’s what the inside of the box looks like.

buffy inside

As you can see you get a free sleep mask that smells like lavender.

My Buffy Findings

The Buffy comforter feels like a polyesters comforter. It is light and silky smooth. The Buffy isn’t too thick either. One drawback of polyester is that they trap heat and don’t breathe causing you to sweat. However this comforter is 70% lyocell which is a natural material made from the wood pulp of eucalyptus trees.

Here’s a picture of the comforter out of the packaging.

As you can see, it isn’t too thick.

Buffy Comforter

Construction of the Buffy Comforter

Here’s the label tag that was on the comforter. As you can see the inside is made with 10% lyocell. Lyocell is according to Wikipedia,  “a form of rayon which consists of cellulose fiber made from dissolving pulp (bleached wood pulp) using dry jet-wet spinning”

Buffy Comforter MatrialsHow does the Buffy Feel?

I was impressed with my first night using the Buffy. It was still soft and light after washing. I really appreciate that it is machine washable. It definitely sleeps cooler than a polyester comforter and is easier to care for than a down comforter.

Although the comforter was good at temperature regulation, you can still overheat a little bit in it. What I do like about it though is that you don’t need to layer up. Just a top sheet and the Buffy are enough to keep you warm throughout the night.

My Buffy Update

I have been sleeping on my Buffy for over a week now and I really enjoy how soft and light it is. Some comforters are just too thick and some even make noise. This one is quiet and easy to move around at night.

f you currently sleep on a polyester or even down comforter and find it too hot or sweaty, the Buffy is a unique comforter that may provide the relief you are looking for.

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77 thoughts on “Buffy Comforter Review”

      1. Temperature Regulation






        I LOVE my BUFFY!!! I initially had been sent the wrong size, but their awesome customer service took care of that quickly. Best comforter I’ve had. Light but warm, actually perfect temperature even for summer. Quiet and fluffy. Get one….you’ll love it!!

    1. Can this be put in a dryer?. On their website it has a review that comforter was destroyed in washer. I️ called the company and they recommend air drying but that would be impossible if you have a long or queen size.

      1. I also had read a number of reviews from different websites and determined that The Buffy comforter had been damaged by washing it in a regular washing machine in a home. Then I read here that it was okay to wash it on the other side had said it should be dry cleaned. Those were reviews down in early 2018. Then I just found a November 2018 consumer comment talking about washing it so easily. It would be nice to have Buffy actually answer this question openly and completely. It would make a big difference in my decision to purchase one or not.

      2. I washed mine on gentle cycle and dryed in my new extra large dryer on low. The comforter is ruined. All bunched up inside will never be the same. Horrible outcome. Not happy.

  1. Hi there I just wrote an honest review about my experience ordering a Buffy and they took it down off their site immediately. Here it is, I want people to be informed:

    “This was the most complex and dissatisfying experience I’ve had shopping online recently. Everywhere on the site it is touted that you can ” try the Buffy for 30 nights” and if you’re not satisfied, return it.

    You have to search deep to read all the fine print that your trial is not actually 30 nights but triggers the day you order it, which in my case arrived 9 days after I ordered it. I thought my return date was the 19th but instead it was the 10th and suddenly I find that the charge on my account has gone through 9 days before I would have expected it. When I email to request a refund I’m told to call them and they’ll arrange a return and refund no problem, but in fact when I finally get to speak to someone today, “we’re sorry it’s out of the return date.”

    Also beware that “your card won’t get charged until after the 30 days when you decide to keep it” actually means the funds will be taken out of your account immediately, for about 5 days I think– a “hold” put on them to make sure you’re covered. So watch out for that surprise.

    All this is in teeny writing in between all of the “risk-free, 30 night trial” and “we won’t charge you until after the 30 days” language.

    I would have thought a company like this first goal would be to make a customer happy and be lenient when it’s so easy to misunderstand all the false advertising.

    So now I’m stuck with a $160 comforter that I find too hot for me for all-season, and the person on the phone was quite rude and honestly just didn’t care. They just care about keeping my $. What a sour experience.

    I am not one to ever write negative reviews, in fact I typically only ever write positive ones, but this whole experience has been frustrating enough that I find it my only recourse and hope to save other people from the same misunderstandings off the bat.”

    1. I thought there policy on the return time was really clear and I’m not a fine print person. But I understand that’s frustrating—sorry that was your experience. The blanket is quite nice I think! I’m on day 2.

    2. Just file a chargeback. If it says free 30 day trial you get 30 days to try it. You can’t try something you have not received yet.

    3. I just experienced the your 30 days starts now without even receiving the product. I canceled ASAP and stated that is not good business practice and that I want the full 30 trial.

      1. Oh honestly people what is the big deal, you are able to try it at home first before purchasing it. Having 5 less days in the trial period is going to upset you that much? Get over it.

        1. The problem is the company advertises 30 day free trial. Not just 23 days after waiting 7 days for it to arrive. That’s the problem. It is misleading and intentionally set up that way to hopefully rack up revenue.

        2. As a lawyer. I would point out that the same language is used on things like hair and facial products that also don’t arrive for often weeks after you order. Since allergic reactions often occur after repeat exposure, 30 days of actual use will generally disclose the allergy. A week or two might not. This comforter has eucalyptus involved. That’s where it gets it’s antimicrobial, antibiotic and anti-viral properties. There are many people who are allergic to eucalyptus, including animals. In this case, 30 day trial means that you have the product for a full 30 days after delivery, most people don’t read the fine print and that is where some of the hair and facial products delivery practices have been found to be fraudulent inducements.

    4. Thank you so much for this honest review. I was about to try the 30 day trial. After reading your experience I defiantly won’t be ordering one! Thank you for taking the time to warn the rest of us!

    5. Did they just change this on the website?

      I was just on it and it stayed clearly that the trial date starts at the time of the order and that a hold would be put on the card. No fine print. Clear as day.

        1. Anything that says Free Trial, you should always read the fine print. You literally click a button that says you read it. That is your own fault. Welcome to the internet.

        2. Temperature Regulation






          Dear? I bought one just because you annoyed me as well as the person making this ridiculous complaint. And yes, the 30 day policy is as clear as day when I purchased.

      1. Temperature Regulation






        Yes, I saw it stated clearly also. I just got it yesterday and used it one nite. So far, so good! I’ts so soft and comfy! I forgot when my order date was anyhoo.

    6. Just ordered one last night. Says it will be here tomorrow. And I did the free trial for 30 days. And it clearly stated that it starts the second you purchase it online. I get hot sleeping, and my wife is cold. So we will see, are the reviews on the website real or company made? 🤔

      1. I’d love to hear about this after people have it a few months or wash it once. I heard that eucalyptus blankets give off a lot of lint and shedding. So please keep us updated!

        1. Temperature Regulation






          I have had to wash mine 4 times since ordering it in December. Unfortunately for me- one of my littles was wetting my bed…. AHHHHH! But I have washed it with no issue and have found that it gets fluffier with each wash and not lumpy at all. I have had no fluff spill out and I have dried it on high heat since it seems impossible to let a queen size air dry in the dead of winter. I do however rotate it in my dryer. Every 20 minutes or so I pull it out and rotate it to ensure it doesn’t get burnt and drys evenly. I use an HE washer and dryer.

          1. Which cycle and what type of detergent have you washed your comforter on? I just got mine and I always like to wash something before I use it, but I’m nervous I’m going to ruin it.

    7. I just ordered a buffy comforter to try, and I knew that the 30 days starts from the day you order it, not the day ai arrivea (it does mention it), and also the hold is just a hold like anyother type. This lady must not have paid attention or understand what a hold is .

    8. It says right on their site that the trial starts the day you order. It’s in plain site and not hidden in the fine print.

    9. It reads the following in not so small print directly next to the Update Your Cart Button…..

      “Your 30 night trial begins the day you place your order. Your Buffy will ship within 1 business day via UPS ground (3-5 business days). We may apply a temporary hold to validate your card, which may appear as “pending” or “processing.” Rest assured, you won’t actually be charged unless you choose to keep your Buffy when the trial ends.”

  2. Thank you!!! I just ordered one and was not prepared to pay for it yet and I am freaking out! Good to know the money comes back in 5 or so days.

  3. I noticed you were excited it’s machine washable (especially your king size, I would imagine). The Buffy FAQs state this:

    “Buffy can be spot cleaned in the case of an accidental spill.

    We recommend that you dry clean your Buffy to keep it in tip-top shape. Buffy is only machine washable in a large industrial washing machine. Smaller washing machines may damage your Buffy.”

    Have you actually washed yours yet? If so, are you one of the few people who actually own an industrial washing machine?

    The reason I ask is, I am looking for a lightweight down alternative comforter that is not going to get all lumpy and bumpy after I wash it, and I’m not down with paying the cost to dry clean a king sized comforter as routinely as I want it cleaned. I don’t want to add the additional weight of a duvet or comforter cover since I love my quilt on top of the comforter.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. I washed my Buffy in a regular high-efficiency washing machine and didn’t have a problem. I suppose if you have an older washing machine with an agitator that may cause issues.

  4. Does it fit in a duvet cover? I have kids and pets, a white comforter with no protective cover just won’t do! Lol

      1. I have 2 Buffys – a King and a Twin. Bought one for my King bed. Loved it so much that I bought a twin for my couch. But I can’t find duvet covers made of similar material (Tencel or Eucalypus) that fit the Buffy dimensions. Any recommendations?

  5. I love my Buffy. I knew after the first night I was going to keep it. I love the feel of my Buffy and so will not use a duvet cover. I keep it covered with another comforter during the day. Then just remove the second comforter when I sleep. I spent 150.00 for my Queen buffy. If I need to clean it I will take it to the dry cleaners.

  6. Hi, I’m wondering about using a duvet cover, doesn’t that take away from feeling the softness of the buffy and wouldn’t it hold in the heat?

  7. Hi guys! I’ve had my buddy for awhile! Actually on my second one, one for our guest room. Customer service has been amazing! I had a small issue with my first one and they assisted ASAP! I also did NOT have any money taken out until the 30 days. And that is 30 days after it arrived. Anyways I really just had a question, on the Buffy site some people say it’s a little small to fit a king bed. I have the king Buffy and am curious if i should get a queen duvet cover? I don’t want to have excess fabric. Let me know your thoughts.

    1. Did your buffy ever get fluffy?? I just got mine and am experiencing the same thing. Wondering if it’s just takes a few hours to puff up or if I need to contact the company.

  8. I just got the Buffy yesterday. I just want to know how long it should take for the Buffy to get really fluffy? It’s very flat and winkled? Will this eventually go away and when? My step-daughter has one and it is amazing. It’s so thick and fluffy. When she came to visit, I tried hers for a night and fell in love. She looks like a huge marshmallows with 2 eyes in hers.

  9. I’ve had mine for about 4 months and have loved it. It’s so soft and doesn’t sleep hot in my opinion. HOWEVER, I just noticed this week that it has starting to pull at the edges and some of the stuffing is coming out which is disappointing considering I have never washed it and don’t have any pets/kids (or any reason it should be tearing). For the expensive price I am pretty disappointed in this…considering contacting customer service to see if there is anything they can do. Has anyone experienced the same problem?


    1. I am having the exact same issue with the pulling and stuffing coming out. I can’t find any information about it anywhere. Have you had any luck figuring out a solution?

  10. I truly despise companies that filter reviews in their websites. It’s cheap. Buffy customers should be able to give an honest opinion, no matter how that shakes out.

  11. I really liked this comforter at first but the first time I had it dry cleaned it was a mess. It shrunk, threads broke and the batting is now all bunched up. It’s bad enough that it has to be dry cleaned and cannot be machine washed but it cannot even survive one dry cleaning. I have had much better luck with $30 comforters. This product is way too expensive and basically disposable as soon as it needs cleaned. For the price it should hold up much better. I see that some people say it can be machine washed but the instructions I was given is that it can only be dry cleaned. Very disappointed.

    1. Temperature Regulation






      I am in a trial period and attempted to machine wash. It got completely destroyed in the washer- the fill is coming out through the threads. I read it was machine washable and didn’t think twice about it after my puppy had an accident late last night. I don’t have an industrial size machine of course. I have a energy efficient front loading washer.. I thought I could return and dry clean only if I got a replacement. Thanks for sharing your story about how it was destroyed with dry cleaning. I love the Buffy comforter. But it needs to be cleaned somehow without getting destroyed…?

  12. I love my Buffy- in fact I’ve encouraged four family members to buy them- for the most part we are all happy. One family member thinks it sleeps a little hot. My biggest concern- is that it has started to “pill” a bit- I guess its the fill coming out a little,. The ironic thing is- I love it so much that if it does get to the point it has to go- I’m going to replace it!! LOL I’ve emailed the company to see if they offer any suggestions- will let you know!

  13. It’s still extremely misleading regardless. a trial insinuates that you’ll be able to try the product for 30 days. they are hoping we don’t read it. They also have no incentive to rush the product out the door because they know the trial has begun already. so they’ll take their sweet time for all they care. The whole practice in general is shady.
    People stop excusing poor customer service with comments like “well you should have read it”. it shouldn’t be done that way in the first place if they actually care about their customers.

  14. This comforter started to pull after 3 months of use (actually, I was traveling for 3 weeks out of the first 3 months of owning it), and the stuffing started coming out. Have not washed or anything. When I contacted Buffy about it, they said they can send me another comforter or give me half a refund. Basically this comforter is made to last 6 months by their insulting offer of half refund. How eco friendly is this comforter if you have to replace it every few months. Extremely disappointed with the quality and their representative/customer service.

  15. Temperature Regulation






    I’m so confused about all these reviews saying it’s not too hot. I’m a small framed woman who typically runs quite cold and I’m unable to use this at all in the warmer months. It’s great for the winter though.

  16. Temperature Regulation






    I love my Buffy. I knew before the 30 days that I was going to keep her. My hubby runs cold and I run hot. It’s been the perfect thing for us. The only downside is that it only comes in white and it’s not recommended to dye it.

  17. Ordering the Buffy Comforter has been a nightmare. I was promised delivery on Halloween . A week later—nada! The Customer Service representative was blasé about the matter and I was told an “investigation” would have to be conducted to determine if DHL was culpable before a replacement comforter was sent out. Not acceptable. I spent $150 for a Queen size comforter. Buffy’s aren’t cheap. For the $ I was paying the replacement should have been sent out immediately, It is doubtful I will ever order a product from this company. You shouldn’t either.

  18. Temperature Regulation






    I ordered my Buffy the December 1, standard shipping arrived in about a week and change. By far this is the best comforter I have ever had. And I have had few pricey downs! It’s so soft and despite being thin so fluffy!! I still get a little warm some nights but it’s still a vast improvement! I never want to get out of bed anymore hahaha

  19. Temperature Regulation






    I am writing a negative review on the Buffy comforter also. I received the comforter only used it two nights. I liked it, found it quite nice. My husband was too warm, even sweaty, which he never is when he sleeps. I called the company, they immediately offered the comforter to me at a discount of $75.00. This made me a little mad as it now suggests the comforter is overpriced. Then for the return, I was told to take it to a charity, get a receipt and take a picture of it and send to them as proof that I returned it. They said they will use it as a tax write off! Well I find this a little fishy. I am taking the comforter tomorrow to a charity, so, I will see if I get my refund. I feel the company has strange practices. You can get the comforter cheaper on Amazon. But beware! It is over priced, only comes in white and must be dry cleaned only! I couldn’t find anything on that when I tried it.

  20. This comforter is made of eucalyptus fibers. Eucalyptus oil is poisonous to cats and dogs. Does this have any of the oils in the fibers?

    1. Temperature Regulation






      I have been using the Buffy comforter since January and my cat sleeps on it every night. He loves it! No issues whatsoever. Eucalyptus oil is probably poisonous if ingested.

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