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Brentwood Home Hybrid Latex Mattress Review

Hybrid latex mattresses are becoming more popular because they are made with mostly renewable, eco-friendly materials, they typically last longer than foam mattresses and they just feel great. One common drawback is the cost. Latex isn’t cheap because it is a natural material and takes time and resources to cultivate properly and sustainably. Brentwood Home has introduced its new Hybrid Luxury Mattress which feels great, is well made, and doesn’t break the bank. Being a mattress manufacturer they have more capacity to innovate and bring down costs and overhead.

Overview of the Brentwood Home Hybrid Latex Mattress

You can purchase this mattress exclusively through their website. It should arrive in a week or two. Brentwood Home mattresses take a little longer to arrive because they are all hand made in the factory in Los Angeles. That is a bit longer than most online mattress companies but it’s well worth the wait and considering you will be sleeping on it for years, a few weeks isn’t that long to wait.

The mattress will arrive compressed in the box. This is no way damages the mattress. Latex and springs are heavy so this mattress is a two-person job, maybe 1 strong person. Once you get it on your bed and cut it open, it literally springs to life and is ready to sleep on instantly. There’s no chemical smell from foam to worry about. You may notice a latex smell but that will dissipate quickly.

Construction and Certifications of the Brentwood Home Latex Hybrid

I appreciate that Brentwood Home is so transparent about all their mattresses. They proudly list how each layer is made and aren’t afraid to show the insides of the mattress. Nothing to hide here. A standout of this mattress that sets it apart from the other hybrid latex mattresses is that they use recycled cotton denim as the base pad. The base pad does not affect feel at all so it makes sense to use recycled material. There’s just so much waste created when a mattress is discarded so making one with a bit of used material, no matter how small, adds up.

Brentwood Hybrid Construction

Cover Fabric & Handles:

Our hybrid mattress ticking features two luxurious layers: GOTS organic certified cotton, quilted over a foundation layer and fiber stuffing of REPREVE®, an innovative polyester made from recycled plastic bottles (30%) and standard polyester (70%), sourced from Canada. The 6 reinforced handles (two on each long side and two on the foot) are also made from REPREVE®.

Natural Wool:

Under the quilted cover ticking, we add a rich layer of naturally crimped 100% natural wool, sourced from India. No synthetic fibers or flame retardants are included. This wool has received STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®: Class 1 certification (19.HIN.68466, Hohenstein HTTI).

Natural Latex:

For our core comfort layers, we feature 4-inches of natural Dunlop latex sourced from India. The first 2-inch layer is contour cut with a patent-pending wave design, featuring three strategic zones. This layer is D65 (14-19 ILD) for a soft feel. It is layered over a second 2-inch layer of D75 latex (20-25 ILD) for deep, yet slightly firmer support. The latex latex has received STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® (19.HIN.79546, Hohenstein HTTI): Class 1 certification, plus eco-INSTITUT®, FSC® and Rainforest Alliance® certifications.

Flax Fiber Pad:

A thin GOTS organic certified natural flax fiber pad, sourced from the Netherlands, buffers and transitions between the comfort layers and the support layers of the mattress.

Pocketed Innerspring Unit:

Our 8-inch ActivEdge™ Quantum® Edge coil unit from Leggett & Platt® features up to 975 individually pocketed coils made from up-cycled steel in the United States, plus a reinforced perimeter. Coil Counts: Twin: 572, Twin XL: 681, Full: 727, Queen: 789, King: 975, Cal King: 958

Recycled Cotton Denim Pad:

A 1-inch layer of cotton, made from upcycled blue jean denim (80%), sourced from the cutting scraps during the original manufacturing process, plus a low-melt polyester binder fiber (20%). This layer provides a durable, breathable and supportive base layer, as a greener alternative to polyurethane foam.

How Much Does the Hybrid Latex Cost?

Prices range from $799-$1,99. You get a 365-night trial where you can sleep on it for a year and if you don’t like it within that year, you can return it for free, for a full refund.  You also get a 25-year warranty. That’s one of the best in the industry. Most warranties are only 10 years and these are from companies that haven’t even been around 5 years. Brentwood Home has been around for over 20 years and they are a manufacturer so they are here to stay and honor their warranty.

How Does the Brentwood Home Hybrid Latex Feel?

Most latex mattresses will feel a bit firmer than foam. It’s simply because latex doesn’t conform quite as well as foam but latex has its own advantages. Because latex is basically rubber, it is incredibly resilient and literally bounces back instantly, just like a rubber ball, so you get quick recovery, good bounce, which some people seek out, and its just easy to change positions at night.

There is some motion transfer that you can expect from any spring mattress but it is minimal because all the coils work independently. They don’t skimp on any of the components. If anything the spring system would be the first to break down but they use the Legget & Platt coils which are the best in the business so this mattress will have a very long lifespan.

I found it to be great for any sleeping position and that’s thanks to the great coils system which provides great support. If you are a hot sleeper, you’re in luck too because latex doesn’t trap that much heat. When they pour the latex into the mold, it leaves holes behind which increases airflow. The natural wool also helps regulate temperature.


How long will the Brentwood Home Hybrid Latex Mattress last?

The Brentwood Home Hybrid Latex will last longer than most mattresses. Expect an average lifespan of 10 years. It will last longer for lighter people and a few years less for heavier people.

Do You Need a Box Spring for the Brentwood Home Hybrid Latex Mattress?

A box spring is not required. This mattress just needs to be on a firm surface which can include a box spring but also a bed with slats, an adjustable bed or even the floor.

How Does the Brentwood Home Hybrid Latex compare to the Purple Mattress?

This mattress most closely compares to the Purple 3 version of the Purple mattress. The biggest difference is the top layer of this mattress is latex while the Purple uses a proprietary 3-inch grid. Both sleep cool but this mattress is considerably less expensive.

My Brentwood Home Hybrid Latex Recommendation

I recommend the Brentwood Home Hybrid Latex to people looking to invest in a quality mattress that will hold up for the long term. If you are on the move a lot and want a more budget-friendly option, there’s cheaper, lighter alternatives but the quality isn’t there. If you are used to the feel of a traditional spring mattress, this would be a better choice than an all-foam mattress. Mattresses with springs have a feel that simply can’t be replicated with foam. This mattress will contour instantly to your body and is going to feel cozy and comfy the first night you sleep on it.

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5 thoughts on “Brentwood Home Hybrid Latex Mattres Review”

  1. Leah Dembinski


    I just got this mattress and I’m super happy with it so far! I actually bought it on Memorial Day and there were no reviews for this particular mattress yet, so I was a bit nervous to buy it. I talked with a customer service representative who answered my numerous questions, I looked at video reviews of comparable mattresses from Brentwood, and I did my best to compare the mattress to competitor brands. I came away with a really good impression of the company and a sense that this mattress would fit my needs. I just got it yesterday, so it was definitely a long wait, but I can tell it was worth it! This is definitely a quality product.

    1. Leah,

      Did it have a bad smell when opened? I wish reviewers would focus on that since it’s a big issue for a lot of people.
      I’m a side sleeper, do you think it would be soft enough? Thanks

  2. Trying to decide between the Latex Hybrid and the Cedar Luxe without the topper. One petite side sleeper and one 220 lb back/stomach sleeper. Any advice?

    1. Sleep Sherpa


      I would go with the Latex Hybrid.

  3. Stephanie


    Which mattress do you think is most comfortable/best for average weight side sleeping and will hold up the longest – Brentwood Home Hybrid Latex, Winkbed Ecocloud, or Charles P Rogers Real Bed?

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