Black Friday Mattress Sale - Deals and Buying Guide

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Are you looking for 2019’s best Black Friday Mattress deals? This Black Friday, SleepSherpa brings to you the best Black Friday mattress deals that give you an opportunity to save a lot of money. Mattress,  beddings, and linens are one of the frequent purchases made in the house, thus getting a good deal can be beneficial.

With Black Friday Mattress Sale coming up, it is a great time to shop. The deals get better every year, and this year too you can save money by getting some unbeatable offers from many best retailers.

In this guide, we have covered everything required that will help you make the right purchase. We also recommend brands for the best Black Friday Mattress Sale.

  • When is Black Friday Mattress Sale?
  • Why Buy a Mattress on Black Friday?
  • When to Start Looking for Black Friday Mattress Sales?
  • Where Can you Find Black Friday Mattress Deals?
  • How to Get the Best Black Friday Mattress Deal?
  • Steps to Buying a Mattress Online

If you are not new to buying mattress online and have been waiting to buy a mattress this Black Friday, here are some of the best deals curated by SleepSherpa. Click on the picture or deal link to make the purchase. Click on Read Reviews to know the mattress in detail, let’s go!

Dreamcloud Black Friday Mattress Deal

$200 Off on Dreamcloud Mattress

Read Dreamcloud Mattress Review 

Happsy Black Friday Mattress Deal

Happsy Black Friday Mattress Deal

$250 Off on Mattress with Code SAVE250

40% Off on Topper with Code TOP40

Read Happy Mattress Review 

Helix Sleep Black Friday Mattress Deal

BlackFriday Helix Mattress Deals

Upto $200 Off and Two Free Pillows

Read Helix Sleep Mattress Review

Leesa Mattress Black Friday Mattress Deal

BlackFriday Leesa Mattress Deals

150 off Original + 2 Free Down Alternative Pillows
$250 off Hybrid + 2 Free Down Alternative Pillows
$350 off Legend + 2 Free Down Alternative Pillows

Read Lessa Mattress Review 

My Green Mattress Black Friday Mattress Deal

BlackFriday My Green Mattress Deals

$200 off any Natural Escape Mattress, $150 off any Hope Mattress, $135 off any Pure Echo or Kiwi Mattress, 15% off the crib mattress, pillows, protectors, and toppers. Use coupon code sherpapillow for a free latex pillow in addition to the sales. Shop My Green Mattress

Read My Green Mattress Review

Nectar Mattress Black Friday Mattress Deal

BlackFriday Nectar Mattress Deals

$100 Off A Mattress and Get Two Free Memory Foam Pillows

Read Nectar Mattress Review 

Nest Bedding Mattress Black Friday Mattress Deal

BlackFriday Nest Bedding Mattress Deals

$300 Off of Select Mattresses

Read Nest Bedding Mattress Review

Saatva Mattress Black Friday Mattress Deal

BlackFriday Saatva Mattress Deals

Get $150 Off Your Purchase of $1000 or More at Saatva!

Read Saatva Mattress Review 

Allswell Mattress Black Friday Mattress Deal

20% Off Sitewide

Read Allswell Mattress Review 

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Black Friday Mattress Deal

Brooklyn Bedding Black Friday Mattress Deal

25% Off Storewide

Read Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Review 

GhostBed Black Friday Mattress Deal

BlackFriday GhostBed Mattress Deals

Save Up To $999

Read GhostBed Mattress Review

Snowe Percale Sheets Black Friday Deal

20% Off $75+ And 25% Off $750+, Plus Free Shipping and Returns

Read Snowe Percale Sheets Review

Bear Mattress Black Friday Deal

BlackFriday Bear Mattress Deals

Get 25% Off Everything Plus 2 FREE Cloud Pillows with Mattress Purchase

Read Bear Mattress Review

Essentia Mattress Black Friday Deal

BlackFriday Essentia Mattress Deals

25% Off Purchases* 

Free Gift ($300 Value) With Essentia Lifestyle, Performance, and Wholebody Recovery Mattress

The New Tatami Hybrid $200 Off All Sizes*

Read Essentia Mattress Review 

Luft Mattress Black Friday Deal

BlackFriday Luft Mattress Deals

Up To $400 Off

Read Luft Mattress Review

Molecule Mattress Black Friday Deal

20% Off Sitewide

Read Molecule Mattress Review

PlushBeds Mattress Black Friday Deal

BlackFriday Plushbeds Mattress Deals

$1,250 Off all Latex Mattresses + 2 Free Organic Latex Pillows + Plush Luxury Sheet Set + Protector
$600 off Memory Foam Mattresses + 2 Pillows + Plush Luxury Sheet Set
$100 off all Sofa Bed Mattresses
$100 off all Toppers

Tuft & Needle Black Friday Mattress Deal

BlackFriday Tuft and Needle Mattress Deals

Nov 25 to Nov 28 – $200 Off Mint Mattress.

Nov 29 to Dec 1 – $200 Off Mint Mattress and 15% Off Furniture and Accessories

Read Tuft & Needle Mattress Review

When are the 2019 Black Friday Mattress Sales?

Black Friday is on Friday, November 29, 2019, and is the unofficial beginning of the holiday shopping time. Some brands kick off the sale a few days before Black Friday and last till Cyber Monday.

The sale period depends from brand to brand. To make the best of the deals and ensure that you do not waste time, we have picked the best deals for you.

Why Buy a Mattress on Black Friday?

If you are still confused if you should buy a mattress on Black Friday or not, we would suggest you purchase for many reasons. The main reason why many people shop for beds during Black Friday sales is that they can save a lot of money.

Most brands and retailers have promotions ranging from price discounts to free bed sheets and pillows. Some brands only offer discounts once a year and on Thanksgiving weekend. Thus, it is best to make the most of it.

Many retailers also extend a special offer on another product along with the mattress. Isn’t it a win-win situation?

Beyond Black Friday deals, there are many reasons why shopping for a mattress online if a better option.

More Value

Online mattress sellers have low overhead expenses. Thus, they offer better prices to customers. A mattress sold online will cost you a few hundred dollars less than the one sold in a brick and mortar store.

Dozens of Options

There are many different brands and types of mattresses available when you shop online. In stores, you can get limited options to choose from. Moreover, they only display the costlier options or the ones that bring them more profit.

When you buy online, you can browse through tons of options at a different price range. So whatever be your budget, you can get an ideal choice as per your needs.

Sleep Trial

Almost every brand online offers a sleep trial that helps you test out the mattress in your home for at least 100 days. Some brands also offer a sleep trial of a year.

If you do not like the mattress, you can even return it for a refund. This is one of the important reasons why many people prefer buying a mattress online where they can get a sufficient sleep trial rather than lying for a few minutes. Studies have shown that people lying down on the mattress for some minutes ended up making the wrong decision.

Informed Decision

In the brick and mortar store, you believe what the salesman says, and the knowledge can be limited. Whereas on the web, you can find multiple resources that can help you know in detail about the mattress.

No Sales Pressure

At some mattress stores, the salesperson pushes the customer to buy a particular product because that brings them more profit. Have you experienced the same? This is why many people prefer buying a mattress online.

When to Start Looking for Black Friday Mattress Sales?

Even though there is still time for the Thanksgiving weekend, most retailers and third party sites have started advertising. Start knowing the deals as early as possible. This will help you plan well during the deal day.

It is wise to research the options on sale before buying about its quality and materials used. There are many kinds of mattresses with different coils, foams, and materials.

Where Can you Find Black Friday Mattress Deals?

There are many sources where you can find the Black Friday Mattress Deals like:

Ad Websites

There are many websites that feature and scan retailer offers like us. Having most of the deals in one place is convenient and also saves time.

Retailer Websites

Going directly to the retailer website is probably one of the best ways to find the deals on Black Friday. The only drawback is that they do not post their ads live until the deal day.


One of the best ways to know about the deal is by signing up for retailer’s email newsletters. This can be helpful to you if you have a brand in mind.

News and Newspapers

Print newspapers feature thanksgiving and Black Friday deals from major brands. Online news websites also cover the local offers and receive a press release with the deal information.

How to Get the Best Black Friday Mattress Deal?

Below are some tips that will help you make the most of the Black Friday Mattress Sale:

Well-reviewed Beddings

One of the best things about shopping online is that you can read all the reviews of people who have been happy and unsatisfied with their purchase. Our reviews help you know more about the mattress that helps you pick the right option.

Ignore Retail Price

Many retailers set the sticker price high so that the discounted rate seems a great deal. Thus, it is wise to ignore the retail sticker price because it is misleading.

Look for Free Shipping

A value-added offer you should look for is free shipping and delivery that many stores offer. Thus, this will help you save a lot of money, around $100. Some stores do not offer free shipping and thus it is wise to know about it before making a purchase.

Don’t Get Confused

There is lots of information out there. Rather than reading everything and getting confused, it is wise to look for a trusted source, like our page, that will help you filter the information.

Steps to Buying a Mattress Online

Is it your first time buying a mattress online and not certain about the process? If yes, we can help you out:

Step 1

Know your Needs and Wants

It is essential to know what you need and want before looking for mattress options. Consider these questions:

  • Do I want a soft or firm mattress?
  • What is my sleeping position?
  • What is my budget?
  • Are there any special features I want in a mattress like adjustable firmness, sleeping cool, etc.

You will be able to determine your needs and wants based on the answers you give for the above questions.

Step 2

Know More About your Options

We suggest you begin with our guides as they can help you give an idea of your key choices. You can then get more information about the mattress types and brands from the brand website.

Step 3

Narrow Down your Mattress Options

It would be very useful to you if you could narrow down your options. We recommend you to look for a few brands and choose one option from each according to your needs and then start narrowing down.

Step 4

Look for an Offer

After you have picked your top choices, you should now compare and look for coupons as well as promotions. You can get deals from many websites during the Black Friday Mattress Sale and it can help you save a lot of money.

Step 5

Purchase the Mattress

After you have found a deal for yourself, it is now the time to make a purchase. Ensure to check out the shipping details and also if you have to buy a bed frame and other essential bedding with the mattress.

Step 6

Sleep Trials

After the mattress is delivered, you can set up and start testing out. It may take a few days to adjust to the new bedding, so we recommend you to sleep on it for a month before coming to a conclusion.

Step 7

Decide If you Would Like to Keep the Mattress

Ensure to make a note to remind yourself about when the sleep trial ends. You need to make a decision some days before the sleep trial ends whether you want to keep the mattress or return it.

We hope to have helped to know everything about the Black Friday Mattress Sale. We understand buying a mattress is a huge investment and have mentioned the details that will help you make the right purchase.

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