The Big Kid Bed from Nest Bedding

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Ben Trapskin

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Finally, mattress companies are starting to take kids seriously when it comes to building a quality mattress for their needs. I remember when we went shopping for our daughters first big kid bed and it was a bit disappointing. You get lured in with the good, better, best options then feel guilty about even considering the entry level model.

The Big Kid Bed from Nest Bedding keeps true to the brand by offering quality and value. This mattress is perfect for kids graduating to their own full size mattress. It comes compressed and rolled in a box and so opening it is a fun experience on its own.

Below is a video of me giving an overview of the mattress. This mattress is on my son Isaac’s bed.

I received a free twin size Big Kids Bed (BKB) and it comes in a box like the one below:

Big Kid Bed

As you can see, it is proudly Made in the USA. Nest Bedding has their own factory in Arizona where they make their mattresses.


  • 2″ of breathable, supportive 2.8 density Energex Foam
  • 5″ 1.8 lb density Edge Support Base Foam
  • Non-Chemical Fire Barrier
  • 7 inches deep

I appreciate that Nest disclosed the densities of their foam. I think it’s important to know what you or your children will be sleeping on night after night.


This mattress isn’t all that heavy. I would say around 30 lbs. for the twin size so it’s easy for one person to get up a flight of stairs and unbox without assistance. Below is the picture of the mattress right out of the box.

Big Kid Bed Unboxing

My son has an antique bed frame. We also inherited an old box spring which I got rid of in favor of a bunkie board. I did this because the box spring did not have the appropriate support and because it significantly lowered the height of bed so that if he rolled out by accident, he wouldn’t have far to fall.

After opening the mattress, it should spring to full form in a few hours. It may take a little longer. For a memory foam I didn’t notice that much off gassing either. Either way, I recommend opening it at least a day before sleeping on it so that it has had a chance to air out. These aren’t terribly heavy mattresses so it’s still fairly easy to transport after opening.

The BKB also has a nice logo on the front of the mattress. Perfect for a photo with you and your child proudly next to it.

Big Kid Bed Nest

I decided not to do a bowling ball test on this mattress because it isn’t intended to be used by adults. This mattress will bottom out if you are over about 110 lbs.

Here’s a side view of the mattress. As you can see it has a nice quality edge:

BKB Side

Here’s another picture of the ticking on the top of the mattress.

Mattress Ticking


Getting a big kid bed can be a fun experience for both you and your child. It’s a bittersweet time that should be remembered and celebrated. having a new mattress for your son or daughter arrive in a box that they can help open makes it even more memorable. The Big Kid Bed comes with its own 100 night comfort guarantee so if your big kid doesn’t like it, returns are hassle free.

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