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If there’s one consistent piece of advice researchers offer about sleeping (other than getting at least seven hours of it each night) it’s that a prone position in which the stomach rests on the bed is to be avoided at all costs. The National Sleep Foundation reports that stomach sleeping is the preferred option for seven percent of adults, but also that it is one of the most harmful positions. However, many of the typically cited downsides of stomach sleeping can be avoided simply by investing in the right mattress.

I am primarily a stomach sleeper and it can be hard to find a good mattress that has the right amount of firmness but still giving you good pressure relief.

Benefits of Stomach Sleeping

Stomach sleeping consistently gets a bad rap, but there are a few situations in which this position can be beneficial. Among adults, stomach sleeping can minimize snoring, and some sleep apnea sufferers report that stomach sleeping allows them to get a better night’s sleep. The research does not necessarily back this opinion up, however, as a study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine indicates that prone sleeping actually increases the frequency of apneas, albeit not the duration.

Downsides of Stomach Sleeping

As mentioned above, supine sleeping may actually be detrimental for those with sleep apnea, even if it reduces snoring. It’s also a poor choice for those who suffer from chronic back pain, as the position inevitably involves the compression of the lower back. Most stomach sleepers rest with their head turned to the side, an extreme position that can be hard on the neck. Stomach sleeping is believed to speed up the formation of wrinkles, as the skin crunches up against the sleeper’s pillow. This problem can be eased, somewhat, with the use of a silk pillowcase, which, in addition to preventing short-term creasing, is believed to assist with sebum retention.

Mattresses For Stomach Sleepers

If, after reading up on all the downsides of stomach sleeping, you are determined to continue to rest in a supine position, it is imperative that you invest in a good mattress that will give your body the support it needs. The right mattress can ease a lot of the problems associated with stomach sleeping — especially morning aches and pain. A firm mattress is best, as it allows your body to maintain the best possible alignment while in the supine position. The following mattresses are great choices for stubborn stomach sleepers:

Best Spring mattress for Stomach Sleepers:

The Winkbed

The Winkbed is a great choice for stomach sleepers because it is firm enough so you don’t get a hammock effect which can strain your lower back and it is still soft on the top layer. It feels like a quality traditional spring mattress. It sleeps cool and is breathable. If you are a stomach sleeper and sleep with a side sleeper this is a great choice because it is accommodating to side sleepers as well.

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Best All Foam Mattress for Stomach Sleepers:

Amerisleep Revere

amerisleep revere

If you want an all foam mattress that you won’t sink too far into, check out the Amerisleep Revere. This mattress has a firm base layer and a layer of dense foam as the top layer that really helps with pressure relief while still supporting your lumbar. When you sleep on this mattress on your stomach, you get a sort of floating sensation. Although this mattress is a little more expensive than some of the other foam options on the market, it is a great choice for people that want excellent pressure relief. This is one of my favorite foam stomach sleeper mattresses. The mattress cover is woven with celliant fibers that turn body heat into infrared energy that claims to promote recovery.

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Best Performance Mattress for Stomach Sleepers:


Layla Mattress

Foam mattresses are generally best suited to side sleepers, who prefer to feel as if they are sleeping “in” the mattress, as opposed to “on” it. This slight feel of sinking is to be avoided at all costs for stomach sleepers, as it causes the back to bow out, thereby harming alignment. A few select foam mattresses are acceptable, however — particularly those specifically designed for firmness. Layla mattresses are unique in that they have two built-in firmness ratings. Stomach sleepers tend to prefer the firmer side, which features copper-infused memory foam. The Layla is a preferred option for those who, over time, wish to switch from sleeping on their stomach to sleeping on their side or back. If stomach sleeping is eventually achieved, the mattress can simply be flipped onto its softer side.

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Best Customizable Mattress for Stomach Sleepers:


helix mattress

Stomach sleepers have specific needs that often cannot be accommodated by standard mattresses, which are frequently constructed with back and side sleepers in mind. A personalized mattress can better accommodate sleeping quirks, especially if constructed according to the sleeper’s weight, height, and body contour. Helix excels at personalization, requiring all customers to complete a questionnaire before ordering a mattress specifically designed to meet their needs via four key performance characteristics: point elasticity, temperature regulation, support, and feel. The mattresses feature a mix of microcoils, latex, and high-grade foam to ensure both support and comfort all night long.

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Best Luxury Mattress for Stomach Sleepers:

Brentwood Home Sequioa


brentwood home sequioa

If you’re looking for luxury at an accessible price, look no further than Brentwood Home. They make all their mattresses in house, by hand using the best materials in the business. The Sequioa mattress is firm enough to give you excellent support but also soft enough to keep you from having to shift positions at night, perfect for stomach sleepers.

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  1. Is the purple mattress a good fit for stomach sleepers? Will the purple grid give too much at the hips for a stomach sleeper?

    1. Yes, the Purple is a great choice for stomach sleepers as you don’t sink into this mattress all that much so it gives good support for your lower back. I also appreciate that is is a breathable mattress so you won’t get too hot. This can be an issue for stomac sleepers.

  2. What do you think of the firm version of Loom & Leaf memory foam mattresses? I’m a large guy (6’3, 300lbs), and a stomach sleeper. I see these get compared to tempurpedic mattresses but for a fraction of the cost. Thanks!

  3. What about a Sealy iconforter we tried the Sealy cool foam one but to me it was too hard. Great support though. I like that pillow soft feeling!

  4. looking for an organic mattress for a stomach sleeper. Any suggestions. The Happsy was too soft. LOVE LOVE LOVE the company! but just too soft of a mattress for me.

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