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Sleeping hot is becoming a growing concern among mattress shoppers. I think this is in large part because more mattresses on the market are incorporating foam into their construction. Most inner spring systems nowadays have a layer of foam for comfort. There’s no doubt that memory foam is one of the best materials for pressure relief which is why it is everywhere. However the drawback is that it also functions as an insulator. There’s a reason that spray foam insulation is being used in houses.  So, what are your options for a good mattress for hot sleepers? I created the list below of some great mattresses for hot sleepers.


purple mattress

Hands down the Purple mattress is the best mattress for addressing heat retention. That’s because the Purple grid allows body heat to pass right through it. This mattress is a little on firmer end of the spectrum and in my opinion is best for back or stomach sleepers. Side sleepers should look for more contouring mattress.  To get the most out of your purple mattress, it’s best to buy a purple mattress protector and either purple sheets or stretchy sheets like Sheex or Bedgear sheets. The base layer of the Purple mattress is made of foam but the contouring and pressure relief comes from the purple grid.  Get the full Purple Mattress Review.

Active X Mattress

active x mattress

The Active X mattress from Nest Bedding gives you a classic memory foam feel with some of the most advanced cooling technology available. Nest has a reputation for constantly improving upon their existing models and bringing new mattresses to market that help fill a need. The Active X mattress is the best mattress for pressure relief and sleeping cool. Because it has dense foam, it will sleep warmer than the Purple but if your primary concern is pressure relief, and you also tend to sleep hot, this is the mattress for you. The mattress will feel firm at first then slowly start cradling you. The foam is not as responsive as many of the other online mattress brands but the trade off is excellent pressure relief. Get the full Active X Review



A traditional inner spring mattress will almost always sleep cooler than a memory foam mattress. That’s because the coils create space for the mattress to breathe. But, once you get the feel for foam, it’s hard to go back to an inner spring. The Winkbed gives you all the benefits of a spring mattress along with the contouring and coziness that foam provides. Their top layer of very light foam is very responsive and breathable. The cover is made of Tencel fiber which is more breathable than cotton. This mattress is also on the firmer end of the spectrum but offers excellent lumbar support. Get the full Winkbed Review

The Oceano 

oceano mattress

Brentwood home is a vertically integrated mattress company. They own the factory where they make there mattresses which allows them to create luxury mattresses at extremely competitive prices. The Oceano feels like a high end luxury hotel mattress that should cost two to three times as much. They hand tuft this mattress which creates channels for air flow. The natural wool fire barrier also serves as a sort of thermometer to help regulate temperature. Below that is a layer of gel foam then miro coils followed by a layer of pocket coils. A these materials together make for a cozy yet cool sleeping mattress. Get the full Oceano Review

In addition to a cool sleeping mattress, make sure that you have sheets that are breathable. Bamboo sheets are an excellent choice in this regard. I am still surprised at how many people complain about sleeping hot but sleep with a down comforter. An easy step to remedy this is to ditch the down and layer up. Start with one light blanket such as the Cumulus blanket from Slumbercloud and add as needed. Heat rises so the majority of your hot sleeping issues will come from your top layer.

If you already love  your mattress or fell in love with the feel of a mattress but it sleeps too hot, you may want to invest in a Bedjet. The Bedjet can cool and/or warm your bed by blowing conditioned air between the sheets. It really works and is a simple upgrade that can make a world of difference. Check out my Bedjet review.

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