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Best Memory Foam Mattress for Heavy People

People that are heavier set than the average sleeper will need a durable mattress that provides proper support. What may feel firm to a skinny sleeper may feel just right for a heavy sleeper. The list below is a curated list of mattresses among the hundreds you will find online that I think are particularly well suited to heavy sleepers.

Nectar Mattress

Nectar Mattress Heavy People

Looking for the Best Mattress for heavy people? This year a company called Nectar just made the top of the list for the best memory foam mattress for heavy people. Nectar uses a dense foam that gives you great support and won’t bottom out. They also have a very unique cover where the foam is quilted into the top layer giving it a great look and feel. It has a phase change material on the top that also keeps you cool for an all foam mattress. Granted foam is an insulator so will sleep hotter than some other constructions but I think that no other material provides better pressure relief than foam. For the money, Nectar is probably the best value out there. On top of all of this you get a 365 Night Trial where if you don’t like it after having it for a year, you can return it for free. They will come to pick up your mattress, no need to ship it back.  Learn More about Nectar.

Best Performance Mattress for Heavy People

Purple Mattress

mattresses for heavy people

According to Purple, the weight threshold of their mattress is 300 lbs. per person. That means it can support 600 lbs. total assuming each person weights 300 lbs. What I especially like about this mattress is how cool it sleeps. Hot air passes right through the polymer elastic grid just below the mattress ticking so you won’t sleep hot at all on this mattress. It also supports you very well and won’t leave you sore in the morning. The Purple mattress uses a very unique technology at a very competitive price. Best of all they have a free trial money back guarantee so there’s no risk in trying it out. There is some bounce with this mattress since the grid will recover instantly which makes it super easy to change positions at night. I recommend the purchasing the Purple bed frame along with the mattress because the purple bed frame will support up to 4,600 pounds without bending or breaking!

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Best Inner Spring Mattress for Heavy People

Winkbed PLUS

WinkBed for heavy people

There’s just no substitute for a good spring mattress. Some people just crave that bounce and beyond that, it is still the best material for support. You want to make sure that you get a quality mattress that has quality coils. The Winkbed has a pocket coil system with reinforced foam edge support so you won’t feel like you are rolling off your mattress. The micro-coils above the pocket coils provide extra support and enhance breathability. They also use a very light layer of foam for good cushioning without feeling stuck in the mattress. The cover is made of Tencel which a very breathable material, sleeps cooler than cotton and wicks away moisture. Many people compare the Winkbed to a luxury hotel mattress.

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Best Natural Mattress for Heavy People:

Zen Haven

zen-haven-mattresszen haven mattress

The Zen Haven mattress is really two mattresses in one. This all natural Talalay latex mattress can be flipped where one side is soft and the other firm. What I especially like about it is that it comes with a free trial period. This is very rare with all latex mattresses. If you are new to latex and want to experience it in your house, this is the way to go. All Talalay latex will feel pretty much the same because there are only a handful of manufacturers of this latex. That means it really comes down to price and trial period. Zen Haven comes with a 75-night free trial so you have nothing to lose. Latex is a very resilient material and you should easily get 20 years out of an all natural latex mattress. Latex is instantly responsive and will provide good bounce. No worrying about trying to change positions at night or feeling stuck. Talalay latex has holes in it to provide more breathability. Give Zen Haven a try if you are tired of constantly buying new mattresses and want something that will stand the test of time.

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Best Mattress For Heavy People 2019

Awara Mattress


The Awara mattress is a natural mattress incorporating pocket coils, latex and organic cotton. A queen size retails for $1,299 after the automatic $200 discount. This is an incredible value considering the material. A skinny person may complain this mattress is too firm but for heavy sleepers, it’s heaven! It comes with a 365 night trial where you get to sleep on it for a year and if you don’t like it during that time, it’s a free return with all your money back. Should you decide to keep it, you are covered by their, “Forever Warranty”.  Shop the Awara Mattress

Best Mattress for Heavy People 2018

Big Fig

If you are looking for a good hybrid mattress for heavy people, check out the Big Fig. I just recently reviewed this mattress and it is made specifically for heavy people which means it won’t break down as fast as a traditional mattress and will give you the proper support.

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It gets confusing and overwhelming fast when trying to find a mattress. This guide is intended to help you cut through the noise. This is a curated list among the hundreds of mattresses I have reviewed to provide you the best choices for heavy sleepers.

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8 thoughts on “Best Mattress for Heavy People”

  1. My parents sleep in the middle of the bed and that creates a crater in the middle. They bought a mattress 4 months ago and it has already broken down. He weights 215 and she weights 140. Any suggestions?

  2. Whats your top 3 brands for a big guy? I am 7′ tall and weight 325lbs. My wife is 170 5’6″. I have been going thru your reviews and it seems big fig or winkbed? Not sure if that is 100% correct though (thats why i asked for top 3).

    We live in the twim cities and I want to go check out your show room in edina, it looks like you have wink bed there, but not big fig.

    Would appreciate your input!

    Thank you

    1. Forgot to mention i am nervous about the mattress be too firm for my wife – however she isnt that picky and can seem to sleep on anything.

      I am not a good sleeper – we currently have a way over priced piece of junk temperpediac – my lower back and sholders kill every morning…ready to stop torchering myself.

      Thanks again

  3. I’m 6’9” and 325 pounds, mostly a side sleeper (Occasionally back) and I has occasional lower back pain. Any suggestions or key differences between the wink bed and the big fig? Thanks for the site and the help.

  4. I am surprised to see the Purple mattress being recommended for heavy sleepers. I have had the standard Purple mattress for 1.5 years, and it lost its firmness and sags terribly after ~8 months (I’m 220 lbs, 6′). The company agreed to replace the mattress with minimal hassles. However, take a look at customer reviews – the sagging is a common issue with the mattress and suggests a design flaw. I’ve had terrible back pain, and don’t want another one of these mattresses only to have the same problem occur. Waste of money – do not recommend. Sleep sherpa – please evaluate these mattresses with durability in mind!!

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