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Sleep experts consistently advocate for back sleeping, as it is believed to be the easiest on the spine and the least likely to lead to soreness or wrinkles. Despite consistent advocacy for back sleeping, this is by far the rarest sleep position, with the National Sleep Foundation reporting that just eight percent of adults sleep on their backs.


Downsides and Challenges of Back Sleeping

There are few personal downsides to back sleeping, but it can be aggravating for others if you share your room — and if you happen to snore. Unfortunately, back sleeping aggravates snoring, which can keep others awake. Some people believe that back sleeping is problematic for those with sleep apnea, but research actually indicates that the prone (stomach) position is more harmful for apnea sufferers.


Mattresses for Back Sleepers

Back sleepers need a nice mix between stiff coils and soft foam — they’re the Goldilocks of mattress requirements. An overly soft mattress does not provide the support back sleepers need, thereby causing the body to sink too much into the bed. Overly firm mattresses put too much pressure on the shoulders and back, causing aches and pains in the morning. Many people alternate between sleeping on their side and back, and if the mattress is too firm, the quality of sleep while in the fetal position can be negatively impacted. Ultimately, mattress selection depends not only on sleep position, but also whether that position changes over time and whether the bed is shared with another person. The following are the best mattresses for back sleepers:


purple mattress

Purple is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a contouring mattress not constructed from memory foam. The no-pressure mattress features a polymer gel layer, which offers excellent pressure point relief and a unique floating sensation. A versatile mattress, it can accommodate all sleeping positions — including supine, which is notoriously difficult to shop for. Point elasticity is exceptional for the Purple, thereby making it perfect for sleeping with a partner (particularly a supine sleeping partner). The downside of Purple is that it is a one-size-fits-all mattress; adjustments can therefore only be made with toppers or mattress pads.

If you primarily sleep on your back, you can expect fewer aches and pains each morning — especially if you invest in a high-quality mattress. For the best sleep possible, aim for medium firm mattresses that provide a mix of support and contouring. Keep your secondary sleep position in mind, as many back sleepers shift onto their sides or flip into a supine position. A versatile mattress can provide the support you need while also accommodating your partner. Choose carefully — the quality of your mattress can have a direct impact on your general health and wellbeing.

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Brentwood Home Ojai

Ojai Mattress Brentwood Home

Brentwood is one of my favorite brands. They are a vertically integrated company which means they make all their mattresses in the factory they own. If you are primarily a back sleeper, you will appreciate the support that the Ojai mattress provides. It combines a latex and a gel foam layer to give you good pressure relief without a lot of sinking in. Because of the latex it is very responsive and will keep you cool.

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Zen Haven 

zen havenzen haven mattress zen-haven-2

Some back sleepers find it all but impossible to sleep on memory foam, as they feel as if they are sinking into the bed. Latex provides a far different feel; there is some contouring, but also a sensation of resting on top of the mattress, as opposed to sinking into it. Zen Haven mattresses can be flipped where one side is firmer and the other softer. Back sleepers tend to prefer Zen Haven’s firm side. The soft side is best for side sleepers. This is one of the few natural latex mattresses with a money back trial period. If you’re new to latex and want to try it out without the risk. Zen Haven is an excellent choice.

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Bear Mattress

bear mattress













Specifically designed for the active individual, the Bear Mattress is intended to help athletes and exercise enthusiasts recover overnight so that they can get back up on their feet the next day. This means minimizing pressure points — the last thing active types need are lingering aches and pains from their overly firm mattresses. The medium firmness of the Bear accommodates most individuals, including back sleepers and combination back and side sleepers. The mattress has four layers of supportive foam, but its Celiant cover is most impressive, especially given Bear’s relatively low price point.

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The Novosbed comes in three firmness ratings. The medium and firm options (formerly known as the Aria and Classic) are best for back sleepers, as they minimize sinking. If, after ordering the Novosbed, you find that it isn’t as soft or firm as you desire, you can order a free kit that will help you adjust the mattress to your liking. This is a nice option for back sleepers, as it can be difficult to pinpoint the correct firmness. All of Novosbed’s firmness levels feature super soft top covers and elastic covers designed to protect the foam core.

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Hybrid mattresses are excellent for back sleepers, who sometimes require greater firmness than standard memory foam can provide.  Winkbeds combine spring technology with foam, thereby ensuring both comfort and support. Tempered support springs promote localized relief for pressure points, while hypersoft foam offers the buoyancy that memory foam sometimes lacks. Winkbeds are compatible with adjustable frames, which many back sleepers prefer.

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9 thoughts on “Best Mattress for Back Sleepers”

  1. What about the Sapira mattress? I’m trying it now, it’s pretty firm, but feels good for the back.

    1. Yes, Sapira is another great choice. It is a little pricey but definitely supportive!

  2. I just switched from a memory foam bed that became mouldy on the underside to a Leesa. I sleep on my back consistently and am finding that I have neck, shoulder and some mild back pain when I wake up. Is this a common ailment do you know?

    1. This is the first I have heard of this. You may want to try a mattress that sinks in a little more.

  3. I looking for a Cal King bed that has very little motion transfer (My wife moves a bit) but would be a little on the firmer side. My back really aches with soft beds. I sleep on my back/side and so does my wife. I was going to purchase a Tempurpedic but it seems that there are many alternatives that are just as good but with a more affordable price. We went to the Mattress store and tried a Serta IComfort it it compared well to a Tempurpedic and a substancial lower cost. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    1. I would go with the Nectar mattress. It has a dense foam composition and will give really good support. Here’s the review

  4. I recently purchased a Leesa but find that I do not sleep through the night due to tossing to alleviate discomfort in my lower back. Where do you suggest I go from here?

  5. Ive bought 3 mattresses and still haven’t found the right one. We’ve been sleeping in guest bedroom on a 12 year old innerspring mattress for months in fear of buying the wrong mattress again. I weigh 115 pounds, primarily side sleeper sometimes back, w loose joints. I can’t sleep on anything w memory foam or anything that feels like you get stuck or stick in it. It pops my joints out of place when I change positions. I do like the plush feeling of an old school mattress w foam/cotton like topper. And want the bounce feel of an old school mattress as well. I was thinking of the Birch w a topper based on reading all your reviews. But concerned it may not be plush enough or plush enough feel for me since I’m light weight? Any suggestions you have would be awesome! I’ve really appreciated all your detailed reviews. Thanks in advance

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