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Best Mattress 2022 – Our Top 10 Picks

Yay! It’s time to replace your old mattress. You have been waiting eagerly for the fall or winter to buy a new mattress. Although it may appear as an exciting job it can be equally exhausting if you do not know what and where to look for. We put together a concise list of the best mattresses for 2021 so you can save time and money.

Most people focus on less important things like checking out the material, considering the price, etc. But there is a lot more to just those arbitrary measures.

To simplify your task of finding the right mattress, we have listed some of the top mattresses of 2021, along with a detailed guide on how to find the right one.

Best Foam Mattress: Nectar Copper Premier


The Best Mattress for the Money

One of the most popular brands in the US, Nectar, has the most comfortable memory foam mattresses you can buy along with an industry leading 12 month trial period.  What sets this mattress ahead of the pack is the use high quality foam and state of the art cooling material including a copper-infused cover. This mattress will instantly cradle your body and keep you sleeping cool all night long. You also get 2 free pillows, mattress protector and a set of sheets with your purchase. 


  • Suitable for all types of sleepers (back, side, stomach, or combo).
  • Its edge support with good motion isolation makes it suitable for couples.
  • Available at a budget-friendly rate.
  • Sleepers looking for a long trial period and warranty should consider this mattress.


  • Not suitable for users who dislike memory foam.
  • The mattress may feel firm for sleepers under 120 lbs.
  • Inappropriate for users who like a slight bounce in their bed.

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Best Innerspring Mattress – Winkbed

If you are looking for a mattress that is durable, comfortable and affordable, then you should consider giving Winkbed a try.

You have 3 firmness preference, soft, luxury firm and firm. Luxury firm is the most popular and will appeal to most sleepers. If you are a heavy sleeper, check out the Winkbed Plus which is made with high density foam and latex for extra durability and support. 

The cover is made up of the tencel fiber for a cloud-like feel with high breathability.

Its premium gel memory foam with a pocketed coil hybrid provides a softer surface with excellent support in all sleeping positions.

The reinforced quantum edge pocketed coils provide adequate edge support to the sleeper. Moreover, its micro coil construction and plush foam do not create too much motion transfer.


  • Compatible with all kinds of bed frames, including solid platforms, slated bed frames, adjustable bases, and box springs.
  • Its zoned perimeter coil provides strong edge support.
  • Ensures consistent temperature neutrality.
  • It offers multiple firmness options.


  • Have a limited thickness or composition option.
  • The entire mattress is a bit heavy, making it difficult to move.
  • The sleep trial offers a 30-nights break-in period.

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Best Budget Inner Spring Mattress -Brooklyn Bedding Signature


Brooklyn Bedding makes their own mattresses in their factory in Arizona. This is a made in the USA mattress that has incredible value. Most mattresses with these specs will come in easily over $1,000 but the Brooklyn Bedding Signature retails for $949 before any discounts. Normally discounts are about 20% off the listed price, the latest discounts are always found on their website, no coupon code needed. 


  • People on a low budget can afford the base model.
  • Suitable for couples because of its edge support and fair motion isolation.
  • Appropriate for all body types, including bulky sleepers.
  • The medium firmness provides a floating feel to the sleeper.
  • The strong airflow through its pocketed coil layer ensures temperature neutrality.
  • It provides a wide range of options to choose from.


  • Not recommended for sleepers who sleepers that want extra sink.
  • Sleepers who want close-body conforming should stay away from this mattress.
  • Individuals who want extra soft or plush mattresses won’t like sleeping on this one.

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Best Performance Mattress: Molecule

The Molecule mattress is designed to focus on recovery and performance. It is an all-foam mattress crafted to provide athletes with the craftsmanship and top-grade material.

Its high-end proprietary foams are combined to diffuse heat and provide a cushioning comfort for supporting the spine.

The mattress comprises of three comfort layers and a cover layer.

  • The cover layer which is treated with anti-microbial treatment is breathable and moisture-wicking
  • The second layer features open-cell technology for diffusing heat
  • The third layer with a diamond and hexagon-shaped support region keeps the spine supported while working against pressure points.
  • The fourth layer keeps the spine aligned and offers durability.


  • This product is much cooler than an average online mattress.
  • Since the mattress has solid edge support, it is appropriate for couples who share a small bed size.
  • Appropriate for the stomach, back, and combo sleepers, including some side sleepers.
  • The overall feel and comfort of the molecule mattress are much better than similar other products.


  • Budget shoppers looking for a highly affordable product won’t find it appropriate.
  • Strict side sleepers expecting a plush bed won’t find it comfortable.
  • This mattress is not suitable for sleeper searching for a coil mattress with sufficient bounce.

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Best Luxury Mattress- Brentwood Home Oceano

The Brentwood Home Oceano is a hybrid product that combines the use of different material types with varied layers to minimize issues like motion transfer and enhance breathability.

The cover is made of 70 percent polyester and 30 percent Tencel to produce a skin-friendly and hygienic material.

The entire mattress is made up of top ½” New Zealand wool, the next 2” Memory foam, below that a 2½” coil unit, a 2” Airflux Foam, an 8” Zoning coil unit and ultimately a ½” base foam. These five zones help to regulate the pressure exerted by your body across the mattress, such as the head and shoulders, upper body, hips, lower body, and lower legs.

The double-layered coiling provides an adequate bounce for transitioning into different sleeping positions. Its motion isolation capabilities absorb the shockwaves while offering a certain degree of bounce.


  • Sleepers who want a supportive bed with a plush pillow-top feel.
  • Suitable for eco-conscious mattress shoppers.
  • Appropriate for sleepers of all body types, including bulkier folks.
  • Petite back, stomach sleepers, or even side and combo sleepers can opt for this mattress.


  • If you are looking for a thin mattress, then you will have to look somewhere else as this is almost 15” thick.
  • Buyers looking for the cheapest bed should steer clear of this product.
  • Not suitable for users searching for a firm bed.

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Best Luxury Budget Mattress – Tuft and Needle Hybrid


A combination of springy coils and graphite-infused comfort foam, the Tuft and Needle Hybrid Mattress offers the perfect support with pressure-relieving features and a cool look.

Its six layers of Adaptive foam pocketed springs, and transitional coils combine together to create a bouncy and supportive structure.

The top material is built using open-cell construction for proper breathability and cooling. The 2” Adaptive foam material ensures quick response to pressure for a lively lift while relieving the pressure off the shoulders and hips.

While it is commonly known as a budget brand, its Hybrid mattress has been designed for the more premium and luxury segment.


  • The thin transitional layer of coils offers some nice bounce to the mattress.
  • The 6” pocketed spring section is suitable for combo sleepers looking for healthy bounce and support.
  • It offers great motion isolation with negligible noise.
  • Closer conforming and more pressure relief than other polyfoam beds.


  • Buyers with a limited budget should look for other suitable alternatives.
  • Sleepers who prefer beds with a traditional memory foam feel might not find this product appropriate.
  • Limited firmness range.

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Best Natural Mattress – Avocado

Built with GOLS organic certified latex, organic cotton, and pocketed coils, the Avocado mattress is an environment-friendly option for all the sleepers out there who don’t want to sacrifice the green initiative for the sake of comfort.

Designed with two layers of latex and pocketed coils, the 11” profile offers a perfect combination of a taut, bouncy, and ultra-supportive structure. The cover is soft and breathable and designed to wick moisture away from the surface.

The mattress is broken down into five strategic zones to provide support to the hips, shoulders, and lower back.


  • The eco-friendly and all-natural material is a real win for the green sleepers out there.
  • The outstanding mobility created by the lift of the latex and bounce of the swing makes it a suitable choice for back or side combo sleepers.
  • Compatible with all body types, whether small, medium, or large.
  • The durability of the product assures a long service life.


  • High motion transfer results indicate that you are likely to feel every toss and turn off your partner.
  • There is an absence of body contouring, which indicates that for any pressure relief or deep sinkage, you need to choose a softer mattress.

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Best Mattress for Heavy People – Big Fig

Big Fig is one of the premier mattresses specifically designed for those with a bigger figure. The mattress is supportive and super durable, appropriate for plus-sized sleepers. The mattress is designed to support weights of up to 1000lbs and a warranty of up to 20 years.

It comes with a sturdy foundation that is Amish crafted and made of spruce wood for extreme support. It’s Thermogel treated fabric cover helps to diffuse body heat and provides the sleeper with an instant cooling experience.

The three layers of high-density polyfoam combats sagging and diffuse weight throughout the mattress for large sleepers. Heavier folks can rest assured that this mattress won’t aggravate spine problems.

The best feature of this mattress is that the gel latex layer helps to keep things comfortable for hot sleepers.


  • This mattress can handle two individuals of 500lbs each.
  • Bulky sleepers who need a firmer mattress can opt for the Big Fig.
  • This brand provides a 120 Nights trial period.
  • People who tend to heat up at night can benefit from its cooling cover.


  • The mattress comes at a higher than average price point.
  • Inappropriate for side sleepers and those looking for a softer mattress.

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Best Cooling Mattress – The Pod by Eight Sleep

The Pod Mattress from Eight Sleep can enhance your sleep quality, analyzing the sleep cycles of the sleeper, and adjusting the bed temperature on each side using its advanced technology. The Pod uses water to heat and cool the bed temperature between 55-110 degrees on both sides of the bed is the biggest selling point by far, especially for those looking for a mattress to keep them cool.

Its smart cover cooling technology with biometric monitoring and home automation helps customers to get the best night’s sleep.

In addition to its sleep tracking activity, the mattress uses an Active Grid comfort layers for adjusting the temperature settings.


  • Ease of assembling with proper in-app directions.
  • Built-in noise generator and smart alarm function.
  • Students, veterans, and first responders will receive a 6% discount.
  • Compatible with smart home accessories like Hue Lights, Alexa, Thermostat, and Wemo Coffee.
  • The cover and pod are lightweight, making it suitable for tucking into a carryon for travel.


  • The pressure sensors and accelerometers have difficulty in distinguishing movements between two sleepers lying on the same mattress.
  • Customers looking for a standard mattress might find a suitable alternative with a different brand.

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Best Budget Foam Mattress – Oki Oki

oki soft

It’s rare to find a quality queen size mattress under $600 but Oki Oki delivers. They offer a variety of firmnesses as well as a hybrid model but my favorite is the Oki Soft. It is perfect for side sleeping but still offers enough support for any sleeping position with zero motion transfer and a 365 night trial period. Given the generous trial, price, and quality construction, this is a no brainer. 

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More About the Best Mattress In 2021

There are two considerations while shopping for a mattress. The first thing is to determine the type of sleeper you are, and the second thing is to understand the basic qualities of the different types of mattresses available in the market.

Type of Sleeper


Sleepers who are heavy-weight tend to sleep hotter and prefer firmer mattresses as they experience more sinkage on soft mattresses. Alternately, lighter sleepers prefer softer mattresses. Les conforming mattresses like hybrid and innerspring choices are popular among heavy sleepers.

Sleeping Position

Different positions demand different support requirements. So, the ideal mattress will depend on whether you are a back, side, stomach, or combination sleeper. While side sleepers prefer softer and conforming mattresses, back and stomach sleepers prefer the firmer and less conforming options.

Sleeping Hot Or Cool

Soft and conforming mattresses allow less airflow around the body, thereby trapping more heat than the firmer ones. Foam mattresses with solid support edges help to retain more heat. If temperature regulation is a vital factor for the sleeper, it is better to choose innerspring or hybrid mattress styles. These improve air circulation and allow sleeping considerably cooler.

Quality of the Mattress


Generally, five different types of mattress materials are available in the market. These are –

  • Innerspring: includes a comfort layer of polyfoam supported by steel coils.
  • Latex: features a synthetic latex or natural comfort layer with latex or high-density polyfoam support core.
  • Airbed: contains air chambers that are inflated or deflated to reach the desired level of firmness.
  • Foam: these are either pure polyfoam or a combination of memory foam and supportive polyfoam.
  • Hybrid: features a 2+ inch of latex or memory foam for comfort and pocketed coils to improve support.


Mattresses are available in six standard sizes – twin, twin XL, full or double, Queen, King, and the California King. Some brands manufacture additional sizes like Short Queen, Split Queen, and Full XL that can be joined together or even separated.

The Twin and Twin XL are suitable for one person, the full or double, and the Queen size is appropriate for one person with a pet or two adults without any pets to sleep on.

The King Size and California King Size are appropriate for two adults with multiple pets and children.


The choice of firmness is mainly influenced by the sleep position and weight of the sleeper. Individuals sleeping on their side prefer softer mattresses, whereas those sleeping on their stomach or back require a firmer mattress.

On the other hand, lighter individuals of less than 130lbs require softer mattresses to experience more conforming, and pressure relief and heavier individuals of more than 230lbs need a firmer mattress to prevent excess sinkage.


A general mattress measures around 10” in height, but the thickness can vary from as low as 5” to more than 15”. While lighter individuals prefer to go for shorter beds, heavier people tend to feel more comfortable on thicker beds.


Best Mattress 2021 FAQs

Is Memory Foam Better Than Spring Mattress?

Unlike spring mattresses, memory foam mattresses hold their shape without experiencing any eventual sagging. Although many people consider foam as a soft component, the memory foam mattress is designed to pile up layers for creating a firm surface that conforms to the contours of the body for providing the ultimate in support.

Which is the Best Mattress for The Money?

Buying a mattress is all about investing your money for long term benefits, though money might not be the primary consideration. The mattress which provides the most value for your money while maintaining standard quality material are as follows –

  • Best budget mattress for money – The Allswell
  • Luxury Innerspring – Saatva Classic
  • Value Hybrid Mattress – Brooklyn Signature
  • Best Luxury Budget Mattress – Tuft and Needle Hybrid
  • Value Foam Mattress – Layla Sleep
  • Value Hybrid Mattress – Brooklyn Signature

What Is the Best Time to Buy A Mattress?

The price of mattresses can slash as much as 60% during the year. Some of the best time to buy a mattress are –

  • Holiday weekends: All national and public holidays offer huge discounts to prospective buyers.
  • Early Spring or late winter: Retailers offer heavy discounts on products to make room for new mattresses between February and May.
  • Online: Online sources can save up to 20% of the mattress price than physical sources.

What’s A Good Price for A Mattress?

There is a huge difference in the prices of mattresses, with some of the quality mattresses ranging between $300 and $3000. An average consumer is ready to spend around $1.000 to get a good quality mattress with a good warranty. Depending on the purpose of use and the features you are looking for will decide the price of the mattress.

In Conclusion

Whatever be the advice of experts, it is always recommended to conduct thorough research about different products and then make a selection. Always remember that a high priced mattress does not guarantee quality and the low priced mattress does not indicate cheap quality. Compare different models based on material composition, durability, firmness, price, sleep trials, and warranty coverage among other factors before making a choice.


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  1. what hybrid latex mattress has the best edge support and is great for a side sleeper who occasionally sleeps on their back?

    1. Sleep Sherpa


      The pillow top version of the Avocado

  2. I’m looking for an upper flex or split head mattress, unlike a split king, and doesn’t seem there are lots of choices. Also concerned about putting such on existing adjustable base, designed for independent movement of both head and feet. Saatva and sleep number along with Isense several to choose from. Currently have sleep number from 2004, getting very uncomfortable. Want to replace immediately.

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