Bedgear Solar Pillow Review

The Bedgear Solar Pillow is the latest pillow in the Bedgear lineup. This pillow comes in 4 different versions starting with version 0.0 and goes up to 4.0 with each number making the pillow slightly thicker. Bedgear is a bedding and also mattress company that has messaging targeted towards athletes but anyone will benefit from their products that are focused on optimal recovery while asleep.

Overview of the Solar Pillow

solar pillowThe Solar pillow retails for over $200 which makes it the most expensive pillows I have reviewed. It is well made and each pillow comes with two different firmnesses. One side has a firmer feel of dense foam while the other side has a sort of shredded foam and fiberfill which allows you to sink into the pillow more. They all have a removable cover which is washable and is made with a phase change material that is cool to the touch.

Here’s an overview of the pillows. I found the Solar 3.0 to be the best suited for my body and sleep type.

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