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Bedgear Review 2

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Bedgear is a fast growing brand that makes just plain fun and functional products. I recently purchased the Bedgear Thunder 1.0 stomach sleeper pillow and in short, I found it to be a quality product although at a rather steep price at $179.99


The Bedgear Thunder 1.0 is made with a cooling technology built into the outer layer that makes it cool to the touch. You will notice that it does a good job with temperature regulation. The triangles that you see bump out of the pillow which makes for a neat texture. It creates little cooling channels for heat to escape when your head is resting on the pillow.

The pillow itself is made of a soft memory foam that won’t trap heat. It contours remarkably well and will even contour around your arm if you sleep with your arm underneath the pillow at night.

bedgear pillow


I have been sleeping on this pillow for a week and have come to appreciate the cooling aspect. I fall asleep just a little quicker because I am not waiting for my entire body to cool down. The pillow is substantial enough that it will support my neck when I sleep on my side starting out but wont unnaturally prop up my neck when I turn to a stomach sleeping position after I fall asleep.

The materials used to make this pillow are top shelf. The mesh side panels of the pillow look great. The only drawback I noticed is that the pillow easily slips out of a pillowcase. normally use a cotton pillowcase. A remedy for this would be to use a cotton pillow protector and then put a pillowcase over that but then you will likely loose some of the cooling benefits.

Below you will get a sense of how soft it is and how it interacts.

The Bedgear pillow is certainly an investment at $180 but it is a quality pillow that is designed for stomach sleepers that sleep hot who want to go to sleep quickly and stay asleep.

Bedgear has begun teaming up with pro sports franchises to introduce their bedding to professional athletes. Their motto that “Sleep Fuels Everything” definitely rings true for athletes who need all their physical and mental capacities to play to their full potential.  Most recently they have partnered with the New York Mets and Denver Broncos.

mets pillow

Expect to see your favorite sports team colors as a Bedgear pillow sometime in the future. Begear also makes other performance bedding such as mattress toppers, blankets and sheets.

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