BeautyRest Black Original Review

BeautyRest Black Review

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Simmons is one of the oldest and most innovative mattress companies in the United States. In 1925 the developed the pocketed coil system which became part of the new BeautyRest line which is now synonymous with quality. Simmons has been innovating ever since. They brought us the queen and king size mattress to create more room in the bed for couples and ultimately a better sleep. The BeautyRest line has evolved over the years and continues to provide the best in class technology along with over a century of mattress know-how. In this review, we take a look at the new BeautyRest Black Original and how it stacks up to the competition both in stores and online.

Overview of the BeautyRest Black

Here’s a quick overview of the mattress including a look inside and how it reacts with my bowling ball and lying around on it.

This mattress comes delivered via white glove delivery. The mattress is not roll packed so it is delivered to the room of your choice and set up on your bed ready to go. The advantage of this is there is less off-gassing and obviously you can sleep on it right away. You also don’t need to strain your back getting it upstairs and around corners. White glove delivery is included in the cost of the mattress.

Simmons is taking a page from some of the online brands by offering a 100-night trial. That means you get a 100 nights to sleep on it in your house to decide if it’s really right for you. If not, just head over to their website to initiate the return. Just note that Simmons allows 1 return per year.

BeautyRest Black Logo

How Much Does the Beautyrest Black Original Cost?

Below are the current prices of the original mattress. There are upgrade options available as well for an extra cost.

Twin XL$1,699
California King$2,599

Construction of the BeautyRest Black

Beautyrest construction

Below are the construction details according to the website.



Mattress height



Cool-to-the-touch fabric

Comfort layers

1/2” Plush Comfort Foam

1” Medium Comfort Foam

1 1/2” Energy Foam

1/2” Beautyrest® Gel Memory Foam

Support system

T3 Pocketed Coil® Technology


My BeautyRest Black Original Findings

Overall I found this mattress to be on the firmer end of the spectrum. Although BeautyRest lists this as a medium I found it to be more of a medium-firm.

beautyrest squish

Although it is somewhat firm, it still contours well for side sleeping and if you like to sleep more on top of the mattress, as a side sleeper, this would be a good choice.

side sleeping

Another advantage of this mattress is that you can sleep right up to the edget without feeling like you will roll-off. I think this in part has to do with the foam encased border around the mattress. This is a rigid foam that provides great edge support for sleeping and putting on your shoes!

beautyrest edge

What stood out most for me was that this mattress can’t easily be classified as just a spring or foam or even a hybrid mattress. The T3 Coil System seems very durable and firm and provides an excellent base for the foam layers above. What you get is a mattress that initially feels firm but still provides good pressure relief. This means you get the support that foam alone just can’t provide. Simmons invented the pocket coil and I think they saved the best for the Beautyrest line.

I recommend this mattress mostly for stomach, back and occasional side sleepers. Because it is firmer, you won’t sink into the mattress as much and won’t experience much heat retention either.

My BeautyRest Black Original Recommendation

A BeautyRest Black is the premier offering from Simmons and you get all of their best technology. I expect this mattress to have a longer lifespan than many of the online offerings on the market and for that reason, I think the cost is justified. The firmer coil system is something I haven’t experienced in most of the online brands either so you are getting superior support. Sleepers looking for a firmer mattress, that doesn’t sleep hot and will support heavier people should take a look at this mattress.


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