Bearaby Weighted Blanket Review

Bearaby Weighted Blanket

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The Bearaby weighted blanket is a refreshingly unique look and feel in the increasingly crowded weighted blanket space. Many mattress brands are now providing weighted blankets as part of their offerings as demand increases due to more awareness of the benefits they provide. However, Bearaby is the first knitted weighted blanket I have come across and not only does it look different, but it is also more breathable and comfortable.

Overview of the Bearaby Weighted Blanket

Bearaby Throw

For this review, I received a free Bearaby Tree Napper. The Tree Napper is made with Tencel fabric which is a plant-based fabric that is more breathable than cotton. You also have the option to go with the Classic Napper which is made with organic cotton. Between the two, I think think the Classic Napper looks a little better. The colors just seem a bit more vivid and it doesn’t look as wrinkly as the Tree Napper although they honestly both still look great and are some of the few weighted blankets that actually look good as a throw or even decorative piece.

Ordering the Right Bearaby Blanket for Your Needs

Whether or not you but the Tree Napper or the Classic Napper, the price is the same. The price will go up as the weight of the blanket increases. Weighted blankets should be roughly 10% of your body weight. So if you weigh 150 lbs. or less, go with the 15 lb.

Below are the dimensions at each weight.

15 lbs

40″ x 72″

20 lbs

45″ x 72″

25 lbs

48″ x 72″

Don’t make the mistake of ordering a blanket that is too heavy. 25 lbs. may not seem like a lot of weight but you don’t want the blanket to feel burdensome. It should feel like a very subtle hug.

You can order your blanket directly form the Bearaby website. Delivery should take about a week. When you receive it you’ll find it packed in  a reusable cloth bag to protect it from the cardboard.

Bearaby Packaging

As you can see it comes with a nice welcome card and is rolled neatly inside the bag.


bearaby unboxing

Here you can see it outside the packaging. I appreciate that they didn’t have to use any unnecessary plastic.

Bearaby Rolled

My Bearaby Findings

What I like most about the Bearaby is that it feels like I am laying under a giant knit sweater. This blanket is breathable but heavy enough to provide the benefits of a weighted blanket.  It looks stylish and when I’m not using it, the blanket doesn’t look out of place on my couch or bed.

Bearaby 3

The blanket isn’t meant to entirely cover your body like a normal bed blanket, instead, it functions more like a throw.

bearaby 2

Since this is knit you can stretch out the blanket a bit. I wouldn’t advise doing this too much but it illustrates how breathable the blanket is without detracting from the benefits a weighted blanket provides. Most weighted blankets use glass beads that are box stitched into the inner chamber of the blanket.

bearaby stretch

Lastly, this blanket is machine washable. Inevitably it will get dirty over time with use and another benefit is that you can simply throw it in the wash and tumble dry on low. Conventional weighted blankets have an outer shell that can be washed but if you happen to spill and it penetrates into the inner chamber, it can be difficult to clean.

My Bearaby Recommendation

Bearaby has quickly become one of my favorite weighted blankets. It actually a nice conversation piece. I get compliments on its looks but people are really impressed that it provides extra functionality. Between the Classic Napper and Tree Napper, I would advise people that tend to sleep hot to go with the Tree Napper but the difference is fairly minimal and you should really go with your preferred color.

While the Bearaby is more expensive than the competition, starting at $249, it also looks and feels better so, in my opinion, is worth the investment.  You get 30 days to see if the Bearaby is right for you. If not you can return it for a full refund. Just make sure not to stain it or wash it.

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