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Bear Mattress Review 1

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Bear Mattress


Motion Transfer




Unique Features


Off Gassing


Trial Period



  • Celliant Technology
  • Little motion transfer

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I received a free Bear mattress for review. The Bear Mattress is a mattress designed for people with an active lifestyle who understand that sleeping isn’t just what you do when you’re tired, it’s a way for your body to recover and heal so that you can take advantage of the day to come. That’s why they have incorporated some of the latest technology into their mattress.

In early 2017, Bear Mattress partnered with the non-profit, Good Sports to help provide opportunities for all kids to participate in sports. According to the website:

As part of the partnership we will be participating in a 1% giveback of all net proceeds — meaning that for every Bear sleep product sold, a portion will be going to help Good Sports achieve their goal.

“A percentage of Bear’s proceeds will be donated to Good Sports, allowing more children to partake in sports and fitness opportunities,” said Scott Paladini, CEO and founder of Bear. “Bear was founded with an athletic ethos, and we’re big believers in the idea that every child deserves the chance to benefit from the proven physical, social and emotional advantages that youth sports provide.”

Ordering the Bear Mattress

If you have read my other reviews this will be redundant.  Ordering the mattress is very simple and straightforward. I was given a coupon code so the mattress was free. They accept all major credit cards and after your order is processed you can expect to receive the mattress in about a week or less. You get tracking information so that you know exactly when you package will be delivered and get a confirmation after it has been dropped off on your doorstep. A good thing to have if you are trying to coordinate getting rid of your old mattress. In short everything is seamless from placing the order to having it arrive at your doorstep.

Bear Mattress Unboxing

Bear Mattress was created by people who have been in the mattress industry for generations and have a thorough understanding of what makes a good mattress. I have slept on dozens of other memory foam mattress prior to this one and the Bear Mattress is right up there in terms of feel and quality. What sets them apart is that they are catering to people who live a more active lifestyle.

They are the first to incorporate celliant which is a synthetic fiber that has been proven to increase oxygenation in body tissue and reduce minor aches and pains. Celliant is woven into the top cover of the mattress so you are continually getting the benefit while you sleep, every night. This does not affect the feel at all. It is there working in the background for you.  Athletes wear celliant clothing to speed recovery but again, this is the first bed I have come across where it is built in.

Here’s a video of the unboxing:

Construction of the Bear Mattress

Below are the updated 21067 specifications of the Bear Mattress. I appreciate that Bear is transparent with the construction and densities of the foam.

– Graphite Gel:  4.0 lbs / 1.5″
– Response Foam 1: 3.0 lbs / 1.0″
– Response Foam 2: 3.0 lbs / 1.0″
– HD Support Foam: 1.8 lbs / 6.5″

bear mattress inside


Below is a video of me squishing the mattress to give you an idea of how your body will conform.

Here’s how it handles motion transfer. As you can see, there’s not much motion transfer here as expected with a memory foam mattress.

Both my wife and I really like the overall feel of this mattress. It is about the same level of firmness as a Leesa and sleeps just as cool too. A big advantage for this mattress is the incorporation of the celliant fiber on the top layer. This technology is not cheap and for them include this in such a quality bed AND keep the price under a thousand is very remarkable.

My Bear Mattress Recommendation

If you have an active lifestyle and rely on your body to recover from a long run or hard workout at the gym, this is your mattress. It will give you that extra edge for recovery which translates into an extra edge the following day. If you are looking to purchase celliant sheets, expect to pay north of $250 for a set. So at that price point, you might as well just get a whole new bed!

Another popular mattress that gets mentioned with Bear is the Nectar Mattress. See how the Nectar compares to the Bear Mattress by reading the full Nectar Mattresss Reveiw Here

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7 thoughts on “Bear Mattress Review”

  1. Motion Transfer




    Unique Features


    Off Gassing


    Trial Period


    Good day sir! I have a sleigh bed with a traditional mattress and boxspring. Giving this mattress a serious look for its recovery properties. I’m a side/back sleeper. I will need a new boxspring. The slats in my bed are spaced quite a bit apart. What would be a good solution for me? Thanks!

    1. Hi Chris,

      If you need a good box spring at a great price, try out the Zinus Sleep Master box spring, it has great reviews and comes at a great price. Here’s the link to buy off Amazon: It comes in a box so is easy to get in your house and easy to setup.

  2. I’m struggling to decide if I should get this mattress or the layla, any advice on how to decide?

    1. The Layla has two options for firmness and the soft side is softer than the Bear. I found the Layla to sleep a bit cooler as well. The Bear has a celliant cover while the Layla uses copper infused foam. I think if you want a mattress with a bit more support, go with the Bear. If you want to stay on the softer side go with the Layla.

  3. I train a lot and sleep hot, and sleep mostly on my side. This review makes me super excited about the Bear, but your review of the Purple seems at least as exciting. How can I choose between them? Is there another performance mattress I should consider even more? (And I’m potentially replacing a two year old
    Also, I have an Eight Sleep intelligent mattress cover that I’d like to keep using. How much of the advantage of the Purple or Bear will I loose to keep it?
    Oh, and allergies. An allergy cover as well…

    1. I would go with the Bear mattress as you then get the benefits of celliant. However since you are using an allergen protector and the Eight Sleep smart cover, this will lessen the effectiveness of the celliant layer as it has more layers to go through however you should still get some benefit. The Purple won’t be as effective either as it needs stretchy sheets to get maximum contouring and the mattress pad will dampen that as well.

  4. Hi Ben,

    We bought the Bear mattress about a month ago. We had an air-pedic mattress and despite being able to adjust the air firmness, I could never get it right and woke up with sore knees and hips. The medium-firm of the bear mattress has helped that; however, I now get shoulder pain (side sleeper) as I do not feel there is enough pressure relief. What other mattress would you recommend that gives similar medium-firm support as the Bear, but provides better pressure relief?

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