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The Avocado Mattress is a welcome addition to the natural mattress marketplace. It looks and feels great but also is affordable and eco friendly. With natural latex, JOMA wool, organic cotton and up to 1,330 support coils and a price of $1,399 for a queen it’s a great buy. It’s nice to see a natural mattress enter the online mattress space at such a competitive price.

Overview of the Avocado Mattress

Construction of the Avocado Bed

Top Layer

The top layer consists of hand tufted Joma wool rosettes on top of an organic cotton cover. This tufting process make the bed look amazing but also is used because you don’t need to use a glue to hold the pieces of the mattress together.

Middle layers

The pillow top consists of a 2 inch latex layer followed by another 2 inches of latex below that for a total of 4 inches of dunlop latex.

Base Layer

The base of the mattress is made of individual 16 gauge pocket coils split into 3 zones so that you get proper support where you need it.

Avocado Bed Certifications

According to the Avocado Sleep website, Every Avocado mattress and pillow is GREENGUARD Gold Certified by UL Environment. It means they’re scientifically tested to meet some of the world’s most rigorous emissions standards for chemical exposure and pollutants, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde and phthalates. Few mattresses and pillows qualify for this gold standard. For a deeper dive into indoor air quality, pollutants and your family’s health, visit our

The latex used is 100% natural. I didn’t find any mention of GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) though.

The wool is pure JOMA wool sourced from New Zealand

The coils also have a sustainable story in that they are made with recycled steel.

The cotton is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified.

Avocado Bed With or Without Pillowtop?

If you’re trying to decide between the Avocado with or without the pillow top. Here’s a detailed explanation from Avocado about the differences between the two:

On our standard Avocado mattress, we use two seamless layers of Dunlop latex: 2 inches in the comfort layer (D75 / 24-28 ILD, soft); and a denser 1-inch layer (D95, firm) as a core base component under the innerspring support coil unit.

On the Avocado Mattress with the optional Pillow-Top, we use three seamless layersof Dunlop latex — 2 inches in the Euro-top layer (D75 / 24-28 ILD, soft), 2 more inches in the comfort layer (D75 / 24-28 ILD, soft), and a denser 1-inch layer (D95 / 36-38 ILD, firm) as a core base component. No blended or synthetic latex is used, and there are no seams to break down over time or chemical adhesives.

The softer natural latex is rated D75 / 24-28 ILD; while our firmer latex is rated D95 / 36-38 ILD.

My Avocado Mattress Findings

Because this mattress is made with dunlop latex, it will have a firmer feel to it. However because it is tufted, you get more of a true pillow top feel. With many latex mattresses you get a flat feel with more or less sink depending on what type of latex is used. The tufting makes a significant difference here.

avocado mattress tufting

Here’s a video illustrating bounce on the Avocado mattress. It has quite a bit of bounce:

Another plus for this mattress is the edge support. Usually all latex mattresses sink a little at the edge but because this mattress has a coil system as well, you get the benefit of added edge support so that you can use all of the mattress and sleep right up to the edge without feeling like you will fall off.

avocado mattress edge support

Aside from the hand tufting, this mattress also has stitched handles that make it easy to rotate or transport.

avocado handles

Since the Avocado is made with latex and a quality springs. According to Avocado the weight limit is  350 lbs. per person, or 700 lbs. in total.

Another common question is whether or not the Avocado Bed is Vegan. Unfortunately because they use a wool fire barrier it cannot be considered a Vegan Mattress.

The Avocado Bed Warranty

You can find detailed information on the Avocado Mattress on their website here. Avocado offers a 25 year year warranty. Here are some of the high level details of the warranty.


During the first ten (10) years of the Limited Warranty, Avocado Mattress will not charge purchaser to repair or replace purchaser’s mattress if it qualifies under the Limited Warranty. This period is non-prorated which means that we don’t charge you a percentage of the repair costs or replacement product based on the amount of time you slept on the mattress prior to noticing a defect.


During years 11-25 of this 25-Year Limited Warranty Avocado Mattress will, at its option, replace the mattress at a prorated charge to the purchaser plus transportation and/or shipping charges. The prorated replacement charged will be dependent on the year that the mattress is replaced.

My Avocado Mattress Recommendation

If you’re in the market for an all natural mattress, the Avocado should be near to the top of your list. They have done a phenomenal job of blending traditional coils and tufting techniques along with natural latex, wool and organic cotton. Aside from the natural benefits this provides, it feels like a high quality mattress. Latex is a very durable material and so you won’t have issues with depressions over time.

An emerging trend with natural mattresses is a free trial period. Avocado has a 100 night free trial period where if you don’t like it for whatever reason you can return it for a full refund. This really tips the scales because there are still many natural mattresses that don’t offer a free trial period and so it can be a gamble when buying online without trying first. Avocado takes away the anxiety of purchasing natural mattresses online.

Many people ask, does the Avocado Mattress work on an adjustable base? Yes, it does! Contrary to other reports, this mattreess will work with an adjustable base.


Sleep Sherpa readers get $100 off your Avocado mattress with our exclusive coupon code: summer100  Activate Here


Avocado Mattress

Avocado Mattress

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            43 thoughts on “Avocado Mattress Review | A Green Mattress”

            1. Is your softness rating equivalent to a mattress firmness rating? I see most of those are a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the firmest. Avocado’s website says they rate their mattress a 6, but the scale is the opposite — 1 is firm as a board and 10 is soft as a cloud. I would expect that to translate to a 4 on your scale?

              Also, they tell me their spring gauge is 17 in the middle zone of the bed, which surprised me, as I thought the middle would offer more support.

              Any thoughts?

              1. This mattress skews firmer than most mattresses I have reviewed. The Latex layer is the primary reason for this. I found it to be firmer than the Natural Escape from My Green Mattress

              1. I’m not sure. I weigh around 200 lbs. and it supports me just fine. I think it could easily support more than that though. The top layer is latex which is very resilient and durable.

            2. I sleep on both stomach and side. 200 lbs. Would this bed last longer/be any better if purchased without optional pillow top? (could purchase something separately and replace if needed) How would you compare this to WinkBed?

              1. The Avocado is slightly firmer than the Winkbed. The pillow top on the Avocado is 3 inches of latex which is a very durable and resilient material. I would expect the spring system to break down faster than the pillow top so you should be just fine getting the pillow top.

            3. Bought the Avocado brand because they are authentic and the customer service was first class. This article was helpful in helping me make the right choice for me. Thank you.

            4. I just bought the Natural Escape based on your recommendations. The Avocado seemed a little too pricy and too firm for me. This will be my eighth mattress in a little over a year. I’ve tried the Brooklyn Bedding soft and medium. The Ghost Bed. The Saatva bed soft. The Nest Alexander soft and medium. And finally the Nest Hybrid which seems too soft. I hope this is the one. I am out of town sleeping on a medium firm spring mattress that is much more comfortable than all the mattresses I have tried. I am crossing my fingers because if the Natural Escape mattress doesn’t work than I don’t know what I’ll be sleeping on. Maybe the ground.

              1. Hi Benny,

                I’m curious to know what you think of the Avocado mattress as I am in a similar situation with less than stellar mattress experiences this past year. I currently have the Nest bed (Smarthouse Cool) and going to return it as it’s caused lower back pain from my hips sinking in too much (I get relief when I sleep on other beds), and I previously had the Loom & Leaf Luxury Firm. I’ve come to realize I don’t like memory foam as a result of the heat despite what is advertised, along with the sinkage. I am now considering innersprings with latex and looking at the Brentwood Home line as well as others but just came across this bed and wondering what you think of it?

              1. The tufting on the Avocado really gives it a different feel. I would say it is about the same firmness as the soft side of the Zen haven but you wil sink into it a little more.

            5. Just found Avocado Green site. Looks good but firmness levels are giving me pause. We have been sleeping on a Room and Board encased foam firm now wanting to replace for myself, a side and stomach sleeper, and husband who is a side and back sleeper. We are both trim and of average/ low average weight. Any thoughts on which firmness level to consider?

              1. Latex will feel firmer than memory foam so going with the non-pillow top version of the Avocado should be just right.

            6. I currently have the Alpine Natural Mattress and am looking for something which still has support but is a little softer on top. Do you think that I would find this in the Avocado mattress? Should I get the pillowtop cover or look for a mattress cover that goes with it? Thanks!

            7. I’m torn between the Avocado and the Saatva plush. I’m a side sleeper and get frequent numb arms. I noticed in a comment that someone tried the Saavta and returned it. What’s your opinion comparing the two mattresses? I like how natural the Avocado is but am concerned about sleep comfort as I also am regarding the Saavta.

              1. The Avocado is much more natural than the Saatva. The Avocado uses natural latex for cushion and wool as a fire barrier. However, the Avocado will feel firmer than the Saatva.

            8. I am a 245# side sleeper. Contemplating Avocado because it is latex and coil hybrid. From my research it’s been suggested that heavier side sleepers should select medium-firm or firm to support body weight. The idea of adding pillow top sounds appealing and luxurious, but I’m concerned it may be too soft for me. What do you think? Also, any thoughts on how Avocado compares with Mirador from Brentwood Home (another latex and coil hybrid). Thanks!

              1. I think you would be just fine with the pillow top. Since it is latex you won’t sink in as much as if it were foam. The Mirador is going to feel slightly softer than the Avocado.

              1. I haven’t slept on the Plush Beds Luxury Bliss mattress so can’t speak directly to feel but one distinction is that the Avocado is hand tufted which helps keep the layers in place. The Avocado also has an organic cotton cover not sure about PlushBeds. Also the Avocado seems to have a better trial. I can only find this model on Amazon which has a standard 30 day trial.

            9. I have tried many beds, including sleep number where I am about a 30. Looking for a very soft, pillowtop which has some support. What do you recommend ? Have gone through 3 mattresses this year, all too firm. Thanks in advance for your advice.

            10. Motion Transfer


              hi do you think this mattress will be compatible with an adjustable base over time? I mean given the coils. Do they get disfigured or out of wack with constant bending and unbending of the mattress?

            11. I’m trying to decide between zenhaven and avocado. The price difference won’t be deciding point. I want supportive and firm, but without pressure points. And a cool sleep–I can’t wait to get rid of my tempurpedic! To me, the quandary is between the avocado with coils vs. the zenhaven that is all latex foam, and is reversible. Trial periods are comparable. Both “green” and natural. Your thoughts?

              1. I would go with the Avocado. I found the Avodaco to be more supportive in my lower baack than the Zen Haven.

            12. Off Gassing


              Have been sleeping on an old Sterns and Foster coil mattress/box spring for way too long. Went to box store who analyzed our sleep needs and determined that we would both enjoy a softer memory foam; we actually much preferred a Tempur-pedic Flex Supreme Hybrid to anything else in the store. Based on what we seem to prefer and our desire for something as natural (untreated) as reasonable we are deciding between Avocado and the Brentwood Home Oceano or Mirador.
              Any advice on which to try first? We are both back and side sleepers (spouse is 200 lbs and I’m 155 lbs).

            13. Hi 🙂 I am interested in a natural mattress and so far have only come across the avocado and my green mattress. I have a severe back problems and went from a too soft mattress to a too hard mattress. I am a back sleeper due to the mattress being too hard would like to be able to sleep on my side. Which mattress would you recommend? I currently have a wool topper on my mattress and even that feels too firm depending on the days and I find my muscles all right. Thanks so much 🙂

            14. Motion Transfer




              Off Gassing


              Trial Period


              I am looking to buy a number of new mattresses for a vacation home. I was pretty sold on the Avocado, as I am looking for a green mattress. However, I have read your multiple recommendations for the Oceana. As a vacation home, there will be different style and weight sleepers in the queen beds over time.

              I am buying a King for the Master Bedroom. I am 5’9″, 145 lbs, and currently sleep on my back and side.

              I appreciate your site and find the info very helpful. Thank you.

              1. The Avocado will be firmer than the Oceano so if you like a firmer mattress the Avocado is the way to go. Both offer great support. The Avocado uses latex and springs while the Oceano is memory foam and springs. I found the Oceano to offer a little more pressure relief due to the fact they use foam.

            15. Motion Transfer


              Ben, we’re you warm/hot when sleeping on the Avocado?

              P.S. My super picky sister recently bought a mattress through you and loves it!

              1. I didn’t sleep hot on it. If anything I think it sleeps cooler than most foam mattresses because the latex has holes throughout which helps it breathe. Additionally, the natural wool fire barrier also helps regulate temperature.

            16. Hi, I recently purchased the mid range Intellibed. It is too firm and killing my back! In your opinion will the Avocado with the pillow top be cushy enough or would you go Oceano? Or a different mattress altogether?

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