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Angel Sleeper Pillow Review

Angel Sleeper by Copper Fit

Recently updated on July 28th, 2020 at 05:24 pm

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You may have seen the commercials about the new Angel Sleeper Pillow by Copper Fit which is designed for side and back sleepers. It comes in a standard and king size. For this review, I purchase the standard size which sells for about $40. Overall I appreciate that they put a lot of thought into the design and it certainly doesn’t look like a standard pillow. I think it’s great for back sleeping but it came up a little short, literally for side sleeping. I have a bigger frame and it just wasn’t thick enough for my shoulders. Below are my thoughts about the Angel Sleeper.

Overview of the Angel Sleeper Pillow

You can buy the Copper Fit Angel Pillow from their website or on Amazon. It comes in a standard and king size. When I ordered my pillow it said there were shipping delays and to expect it in about 3 weeks but to my surprise, it arrived in 4 days! The pillow was packaged in a protective plastic pouch with a zippable cover which can be reused for storage when not in use. Because it wasn’t vacuum sealed, there was very little off-gassing so it’s ready to use right away.

If you are extra sensitive to smells the cover is machine washable and running it through the wash will help. Here’s what it looks like right out of the packaging.

Angel Sleeper Pillow Front



Angel Sleeper Pillow

The pillow has 2 sides, the shallow side is for side sleeping and the thicker side that slopes downward is for back sleeping. It contours inward on the edges so that you can hug it with your arm without making the pillow bunch up further. Below you can see how the edges measure up.

angel sleeper pillow thickness

The is the height of the pillow from the front.

thickness from front

This is the bottom of the pillow where you can find the zipper. It is really easy to unzip and wash the cover.

back of angel sleeper pillow

Here’s another shot of the pillow even further unzipped.

Angel Sleeper Pillow Unzipped

This is what the pillow looks like with the cover completely off. It appears to be a closed-cell foam and is super squishy.

Angel Sleeper Pillow No Cover

Here’s another shot of the pillow without the cover from the side.


Angel Sleeper no cover side view

How Much Does the Angel Sleeper Copper Fit Pillow Cost?

This pillow comes in 2 sizes

Standard: $39.99
King: $59.99

Both come with a 30-day trial

My Angel Sleeper Recommendation

If you are a stomach or back sleeper that is experiencing neck or shoulder problems at night this might be a good solution. While somewhat expensive at $40 plus shipping and handling and taxes which brought the total to a little over $50, it’s certainly less expensive than buying a new mattress. Just keep in mind that you will need to pay return shipping as well which is probably around $10 so all in, it could cost around $20 just to try the pillow even if you decide to return it within the 30 day trial period.

There are thousands of foam pillows available but I haven’t come across one molded quite like the Angel Sleeper. The added copper benefit makes it worthy of consideration. Just keep in mind that you have broad shoulders it may not be thick enough to properly support you so adding a standard pillow underneath may be needed. I’m usually wary of these “as seen on tv” products, especially if they try to hide any sort of fees but so far I am pretty impressed with this one. I recommend buying through Amazon since returns are much easier.

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47 thoughts on “Angel Sleeper Pillow Review”

  1. Anonymous says:

    No thank you! Made in China. Let’s support the USA!!!

    1. Look at the items you’re wearing and throughout your house..most of it is made in CHINA lol. You’re not very smart.

      1. Typical response to a comment supporting American manufacturing; to put someone down. Way to go.

      2. You are correct, but remember in order to walk a mile, starts with a single step.
        We need to start thinking about buying AMERICAN.

      3. Sandy FangFang says:

        Wow! so because he/she/they noticed it was made in China, you determined “He/She/They are not very smart”

        You are sadly part of the problem. Please buy more China-made products and cancel less Americans. I bet you’re morally superior for this limited view of someone you don’t know.

    2. MARY ANN MORGAN says:

      I’m glad I read the reviews before I ordered. Once I read the pillow was made in China that did it for me. No thanks!

    3. Then sell your iPhone.

    4. Thank you for the research, no china products for me. You may sleep better for a little while, but when the CCP dominates you won’t.

  2. Debra Mileski says:

    I bought two king pillows. My husband is a back sleeper I am a side sleeper. They cost over a hundred dollars and we can’t sleep on them so uncomfortable! Would not recommend!

    1. When is my pllows coming.

    2. Marietta Eberwein says:

      I bought one for Bed Bath&Beyond don’t do it is terrible you can’t sleep on it, it’s uncomfortable and you wake with a headache.

    3. Chantal Fongemie says:

      You are so right! Very disappointing.

  3. Sonja Cotton says:

    Yall owe me a Refund

  4. Joyce P. Carlone says:

    DO NOT BUY THIS PILLOW FROM THE COMPANY WEBSITE. It was very uncomfortable and, when trying to return it, I found it would cost $48 to return because of the size of the box. If you decide to order it, get it from a website that will pay for shipping such as Amazon. I ALSO TRIED TO SPEAK WITH SOMEONE IN CUSTOMER SERVICE AND BOTH THE PHONE NUMBER AND EMAIL ADDRESS WERE INVALID! VERY DISSATISFIED!! What a ripoff!

    1. Pat French says:

      I agree. I finally cut the box down and paid $22.00 to send it back. Probably should just have burned it. I do not expect I will get a refund.

  5. Michael Upshaw says:

    I bought 2 of these pillows, THEY SUCK!!!!!

  6. mark Lasoff says:

    could not use it. I’m a side sleeper and got a stiff neck for 3 nights..I returned it

  7. Rick Holland says:

    I used the thick end, the One You’re supposed to use to sleep on your back, for side sleeping. It worked great for me. I too have broad shoulders. Happy with my purchase.

  8. I just got mine & wanted to prewash the cover before sleeping on it. I found it to be difficult, quite struggling in fact, to get It back in the foam.Then to protect that fancy cover, it needs a pillow case, then you don’t have the same effect the way it’s made. You should have provided a pillow case to fit!
    It’s going to take some getting used to, being all foam.
    I missed the part about being made in China or I would not have purchased it!
    I kept getting different delivery dates.
    So far my neck which has had cervical fusion, C4-7, is doing ok.

    1. Anonymous says:

      They sell the larger one at some of the home goods.

  9. Margaret P Terry says:

    i am trying to contact someone to get info on returning my pillows they are hard and we dont like them. no answer on the phone number and my 30 days are running out. i know there are hard times with the virus, i have tried several times to get a reply so i havent just tried one time and start fussing. thanks in advance if you can please help me.

  10. Mary Pettiford says:

    This pillow is very stiff and hurt my neck terribly! I do not recommend it.

  11. Debbie Price says:

    I love this pillow I have a bad neck and it supports amazingly Need 2 more for gifts

  12. Delores Robinson says:

    I love this pillow! I sleep on my back with a CPAP machine. It provides great head, neck, and shoulder support! I highly recommend this pillow!

  13. I I love this Pillow…. worth the buy..

  14. Anonymous says:

    Need to return, cannot afford a pillow ICannot sleep on!!!

  15. Mary Robinson says:

    I love my pillow but it has a bad older can you till me way and what to do please

  16. Leslie Tydings says:

    My neck is in pain ever since I have slept on it. It is too hard and want to take it back.

  17. Rich and Cleora Conner says:

    Spent $120 on 2 pillows and they are ok BUT someone didn’t think about what they were making for people that sleep on their side and then rollover to their back to sleep. If you use the side for sleeping on your side and you turn over to your back it is uncomfortable or try to sleep on the back sleeping side on your side. One pillow doesn’t work for both!!!!!
    They don’t work as advertised.

  18. David Tatum says:

    This is a great pillow! Works very well and as described. I wonder if the anti-China people know that 85% of Walmart’s products are made in China? Do they boycott Walmart?

    1. The only pillow I can think of which is made in America is ‘The Pillow Guy’ who is a huge Trump donater. Ugh, no way.

      1. Jenny Schendel says:

        Well you don’t have to sleep faith the pillow guy. Although I doubt you would ever get that lucky.

      2. Anonymous says:

        I have pillows from pillow guy. They are great. I don’t care where he stands politically. It’s made in AMERICA and gives Americans jobs

  19. John smith says:

    Maybe you should have tried the bigger pillow? If you add that to the review it might give people a better idea .

  20. Don Elseroad says:

    I purchased “My Pillows” that were suppose to be queen size and they are not. To get a queen size you would have to order a King size. Plus I found that after your head rests on them for a while your head is on the mattress. They are worthless. I then went to a Sleepgram Dreamsleep pillow. By using two differently sized internal pillows, we are able to provide 3-pillows-in-1.This pillow is better then “My Pillow” however I am a side sleeper and those pillows just didn’t work for me. So I order 2 of the Angel Sleeper Pillows. The may be made in China but they have served me well and I sleep great with them every night. At 85 years of age I have finally found a pillow the does what it claims to do. The one draw back is that when you wash the pillow covers that you purchase separately they are a bear putting back on after they are washed but I have mastered the art of doing it.

  21. I read label attached to product. I’m confused says made in NJ and then says made in CHINA. Which is It?

  22. Virginia Parra says:

    No Thank, not made in the USA , Buy from Mike @ My Pillow.Com

  23. Where can I get the pillow case to have extra I do wash my pillow case

  24. James C Neagle says:

    I’m 5’11” and weigh 200 lbs. The “King” size is hardly as big as a normal size pillow. The dimensions are true; I ordered the King thinking it would match my other King size pillows. Not even close. Tried the Angel Sleeper for 2 nights – meh!

  25. I bought 2 king size pillows…. they are awful…. my husband is back sleeper and I am side sleeper…. was the worse night of sleep for both of us. I do not reccomend these pillows at all. My husband told me to throw them away.

  26. More bad than good reviews
    I have C3 – C7 fused and caged. Can’t spend this kind of money for mostly bad reviews

  27. The foam absorbs sweat and if you try to wash it it will never dry.
    The pillow cover has a plastic zipper and good luck putting it back on after washing.
    The pillow works well but the materials are inferior for the price.

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