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I received a free Revere mattress from Amerisleep for review. The Revere mattress one of the best selling mattresses from Amerisleep. It has some unique features that set it apart from the rest of the bed in a box pack. Most notably it has a celliant infused cover and incorporates soy in its foam to reduce dependency on petroleum. Best of all it feels great!


Below is an overview of the Amerisleep Revere. It’s a great looking mattress that has a very durable cover. This mattress is also shipped in a box and will arrive to your doorstep in about a week. Amerisleep has a 100 night trial period where if you don’t like it in that time frame they will work with you to donate your mattress and receive a full refund.


The cover of this mattress is infused with celliant. Celliant is a fiber that claims to promote recovery by turning your body heat into infrared energy. According to the Amerisleep website, a study was done where those who slept on celliant fell asleep an average of 15 minutes faster than those who did not use celliant fibers.

Here’s what the cover of the mattress looks like:

Amerisleep Celliant

The foam layers consist of a 3 inch layer of open cell memory foam that uses their trademark, Bio-Pur material that is made with plant-based materials.

The base layer is a standard, quality,  base layer measuring 9 inches in depth. Below is a picture of the layers:

Amerisleep Layers


The Amerisleep mattress is a great mattress for stomach sleepers like myself. The base layer is firm enough to keep you in alignment but the top layer is soft enough where you can sink in a little bit and get good pressure relief.

Amerisleep Sinkage

Here’s how the layers react.

Below is a video illustrating heat retention on the mattress. I was surprised it did this well since the top layer of foam is rather dense.

The Amerisleep Revere doesn’t have much bounce at all and that’s in large part to the dense foam top layer.

Here’s a video illustrating motion transfer.

Here’s another video in in slow motion.


The Revere mattress is a great choice for stomach and back sleepers. I really appreciated the dense top layer of foam to give me some hug and great pressure relief. The base layer kept me in alignment and there was really no motion transfer between my partner and myself. I would recommend it for sleepers that are looking for a little bit of hug in their mattress but also want to move around easily at night.

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Amerisleep Revere

Amerisleep Revere

Motion Transfer






Off Gassing


Trial Period


3 thoughts on “Amerisleep Review : The Revere Mattress”

  1. Motion Transfer






    Off Gassing


    Trial Period


    We got the Revere mattress just as little over 2 weeks ago and it is like sleeping on a board. My lower back is hurting, never had problems with it before. Called to exchange for the Liberty but need to wait the full 30 days or pay $100. Very disappointed

    1. Do you normally prefer a firmer mattress? Or were you just expecting this one to be softer than it is? I ask because we’re in the process of finalizing our selection for a new mattress and this is at the top of our list. That said, we both prefer an extra firm mattress; so I’m curious what your normal firmness preference is. Thanks in advance!

      1. I actually prefer softer mattresses. What I like about the Amerisleep Revere is that it has great support with a top layer that conforms. So on the whole is skews firmer it still let’s you sink in a bit.

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