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Alexander Hybrid Luxury Contour Review

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The Alexander Hybrid Luxury Contour is the latest addition to the Nest Bedding line of mattresses. I found this to be the softest hybrid mattress in the nest line. It is a departure from the Alexander Hybrid in that the base layer is foam instead of pocket coils. In between the base and top layer of mattress you will find “mini coils” that are shorter than traditional coils that provide a subtle contouring that you can’t get our of foam alone. This provides more of an overall floating feel. A queen size retails for $1,599 but you can get $100 off with coupon code, SHERPA100.

Overview of the Alexander Hybrid Luxury Contour

This mattress is available exclusively through Nest Bedding. After placing your order it should arrive in about 5-7 business days. With all the Nest mattresses, this one also arrives in a box which makes it easy to transport to your bedroom and it is shipped by FedEx so no need to wait for a delivery person to arrive at your door.

Below is a video overview of the mattress including some of the highlights and what sets it apart from the Alexander Hybrid.


Construction of the Alexander Luxury Hybrid Contour

Below are the construction details of the Alexander Luxury Hybrid Contour as listed on the Nest Bedding website.

  • 1.5″ 2.5 lb. Copper Phase Change Gel Memory Foam with Phase Change Infused Surface for Next Level Cooling Experience
  • 2″ 3 lb. Energex Foam
  • 1″ 4 lb. Visco Soft Memory Foam
  • 3″ 1300 Micro Coil System
  • 4″ High-Density Foam Edge Support Core

Here’s a closeup of the cover of the mattress which uses a generous amount of phase change material for a cool to the touch feel.  This cover is a departure from the other mattresses in the Alexander series in that it is a smooth surface. The other models have a more tufted / pillow top feel and look.

Alexander Contour Cover

My Alexander Luxury Contour Findings

If you prefer a softer mattress, this is the way to go. The softer you go on the spectrum with mattresses the more susceptible you are to inadequate support. This mattress addresses that issue by providing mini coils that let you sink into the mattress without sinking in too much in any one spot.

Here’s a photo that illustrates sinkage using my 14lb. bowling ball.

Alexander Hybrid Luxury Contour Sink

This mattress is mostly memory foam but will still have a little bit of bounce back due to the 1,300 mini coils in the middle layer of the mattress. The bed recovers quickly so it is still easy to move around in.

The bed is aptly named the Countour because it really contours to your body. The more I sleep on mattresses with mini coils or micro coils, the more I am a believer. One mini coil on its own is really unimpressive but when you spread over a thousand across a mattress you get a really transformative feel.

In terms of heat retention, this is also the coolest sleeping among the Nest mattresses. I attribute this to 3 factors. The cool to the touch phase change cover, the copper phase change foam on the top layer and the mini coils underneath that all the mattress the breathe.

Here’s a video that shows how quickly heat dissipates from the top of the mattress.

Nest mattresses always have an added touch of quality no matter the price point. This mattress also comes with handles stitched into the sides to make it easy to rotate and transport and just make the mattress look great.

Alexander Hybrid Luxury Contour Handles

My Nest Luxury Contour Recommendation

Dedicated side sleepers will fall in love with this mattress. It does a phenomenal job at addressing pressure points in your hips and shoulders. Sleepers that switch between side and stomach sleeping may want to consider the Alexander Hybrid as it is a bit firmer.

The Luxury Contour rounds out the offering of hybrid mattresses from Nest Bedding. It’s a cozy mattress that still keeps you afloat.

Learn more about the Luxury Contour

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