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airweave is a sleep company that makes mattresses, pillows and other sleep accessories. The story of airweave starts with Founder & CEO, Motokuni Takaoka who took over his uncles fishing line company and with his education as an engineer discovered that the resin fiber used to create fishing lines could also be used to create a revolutionary type of sleeping surface. This is also known as airfiber technology and resembles a tangled up fishing line that makes for a spongy, breathable sleeping surface. I received a free airweave pillow for review that has this technology. I previously reviewed the airweave mattress a while back and found that the pillow is just as interesting.

Overview of the airweave S-Line pillow

The first thing I noticed when my pillow arrived was how light and hence the name, airweave, it is mostly air inside the fibers which makes it ultra-breathable, easily the most breathable pillow on the market.

Here’s a quick video of the airweave factory where the make the pillows and mattresses.

Below is my overview and thoughts on the pillow. You can see in the video how easy it is to clean and why it is so sanitary and the perfect choice for people with allergies.

My airweave pillow findings

This pillow comes with inserts so you can adust the height. The inserts are made with the same airfibers as the pillow and you get two of them. I kept mine in since I prefer to sleep on my side and have broad shoulders. This pillow was still slightly too thin for my taste but you can just put a standard pillow underneath it.

airweave insert

Here I’m sleeping on my back and it keeps me in good alignment. I don’t sink into this pillow much at all. If you want a super soft, cuddly pillow you will need to look elsewhere.

airweave pillow

Here I am on my side and yes, the pillow is firmer than most I have slept on but it is still comfortable and you don’t have to worry about it sinking overnight. What I noticed is that the pillow never got too hot. It just felt cool all night long. This may or may not be a benefit but I could also hear better because my left ear wasn’t insulated with foam or feathers like a traditional pillow.

airweave side

Final thoughts on the airweave pillow

The airweave pillow retails for $280 and that is certainly a lot to pay for a pillow. However, keep in mind that this pillow is completely washable by cleaning the inside with water under the sink and the outside cover in the laundry. This is the only pillow I have found that will keep its shape and performance after many washes and because of the materials its made with, it will hold up very well over time and give you great support for years which makes it a solid investment. You have 45 days to return the pillow and keep in mind that they will charge a $20 restocking fee.  I recommend this pillow to people that want a firmer, more supportive pillow, tend to sleep hot and enjoy keeping their bedroom as clean as possible, if you check those boxes, this pillow will be well worth it.

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