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Your Guide to the Best Adjustable Beds

There are now hundreds of online mattress brands that ship their mattresses in a box. This means that they are also compatible with an adjustable bed. Interest in adjustable beds is now starting to grow. Below are reviews of some of the most popular adjustable beds. You don’t need to pay an arm and a leg either. There are now many budget-friendly options that work great.

There are now adjustable beds for any type of budget. For example, the Pragma Bed is a budget-friendly option coming in at just under $500 for a queen size.  If you want to get more features such as massage, presets, wall hugging and a more finished look, the Nectar Adjustable Base is an excellent choice.

Beds aren’t just for sleeping anymore. Whether it’s Netflix binges or making your mattress your office for the day, we rely on or beds to keep us comfortable and cozy no matter what we do.

An adjustable bed can really transform and maximize the use of your bedroom.

Do You Need the Massage Feature on Your Adjustable Bed?

Lots of people wonder if the massage feature on an adjustable base is worth it. I find that I personally don’t use mine all that often however for some people it can be worth it. One consideration is that the massage will make your whole bed vibrate and if you have thin walls or floors you can hear it outside your bedroom.

Other Features to Consider

Entry level adjustable beds are no frills in that they have wired remotes and no fabric covering so have a very spartan look but they function basically the same. With a more budget-friendly option you may also have a louder motor but if you don’t adjust it while your partner is sleeping, it shouldn’t be an issue.



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Purple Adjustable Bed

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Leesa Adjustable Base

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Reverie 9T

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Best Adjustable Beds – A Definite Guide 2018

A survey conducted by Consumer Reports suggests that around 27 percent of healthy Americans with no apparent health issues have trouble falling asleep. This is not surprising considering the fact that a good night’s sleep is an amalgamation of several factors. These include proper sleep hygiene, comfortable mattress, sheets, pillows, and a conducive sleep environment that is devoid of ambient disturbances. What else is needed? In all probability, you are missing out on the adjustable beds or adjustable bed frames.

What is an Adjustable Bed?

An adjustable bed is one that can be modified in several positions. Unlike regular bed frames, these beds are flexible, and their shapes can be changed according to preference. For instance, the upper part of the mattress can be inclined while the lower part remains unmoved. Similarly, the lower part of the bed can also be inclined without moving the upper portion. Adjustable beds are a recent addition to the consumer market but have already gained much popularity.

Benefits of Adjustable Beds

Adjustable beds used to be found only in hospitals. But today, they can be easily purchased by anyone who wants a bed that can be modified according to needs. Because the head and the lower end of the mattress can be elevated independently, it helps a lot of problems that interfere with sleep, such as:

Sleep Apnea: Inclining the head of the mattress can often relieve sleep apnea symptoms.

Asthma: When a person has difficulty breathing the head of the mattress can be elevated to make breathing easier.

Snoring: One of the best ways to stop snoring is to keep the head elevated. An adjustable mattress eliminates the need to stack pillows under the head. By inclining the upper part of the mattress, the head can be kept on a higher level to stop snoring.

Acid Reflux: You do not have to eat a big heavy meal before going to sleep to have Acid Reflux. But regardless of the reason for Acid Reflux, the position of the mattress can be adjusted to provide relief and comfort and facilitate proper sleep.

Arthritis: When a person suffers from arthritis, movement can be difficult, including getting in and out of bed. By adjusting the position of the bed and keeping the upper or the lower end of the mattress elevated, getting in and out of bed is made easier for those with restricted mobility.

Chronic Pain: Chronic pain can affect any part of the body, including the waist and the legs. By keeping the lower end of the bed elevated and adjusting the mattress to conform to the curve of the body, chronic pain can be minimized during sleep. Even the firmness level of the mattress can be adjusted to provide more comfort.


Leg Swelling: Elevating the lower part of the mattress is beneficial for those who suffer from leg swelling. It also makes sure you don’t wake up in the morning with swollen legs.

By either keeping your head or your legs elevated, several problems can be alleviated to induce proper sleep throughout the night.

An adjustable bed can be modified to closely match the curve of your body, so you get the support that you need. That means you don’t have to stack pillows anymore for supporting any part of your body.

Technology Options for Adjustable Beds

An adjustable bed often offers a lot more than just elevation. Today’s adjustable beds are high-tech and come with a number of technologies to enhance your convenience and comfort. A few of them are:

Personalized Elevation and Support: If you have sleep apnea or breathing difficulty, the head of the mattress can be elevated. If you have arthritis, restricted mobility or arthritis, the lower end of the bed can be elevated. For back pain, the mattress can be adjusted to match the curve of your body and provide optimum support.

Massage: Adjustable beds can also function as a massage chair. The mattress has a number of massagers installed, which provide a whole-body massage as you like on the bed.

Zero Gravity: When you sleep on a zero-gravity adjustable bed, you don’t feel any pressure. This is a great feature of an adjustable bed for those who suffer from arthritis or chronic pain. The mattress can be adjusted to a position that exerts less pressure, creating a more comfortable sleeping environment.

Bluetooth Connectivity: Smart beds now come with the option to be connected to a smartphone app. By connecting to the app, the mattress can tell you how long you slept, in what positions you slept, and what needs to be improved.

Customized Firmness: When two sleepers have different firmness preferences, an adjustable bed allows you that flexibility. Not only can you have two kinds of firmness on two sides of the bed, but you can also preset the firmness level so that you don’t have to adjust it every time.

USB Connectivity: With a USB, you can not only connect the bed to a smartphone but also use it to charge your electronic devices.

As the days go by, adjustable beds are likely to get more advanced technological features to offer more convenience and comfort to the users.

Adjustable Beds Warranties and Returns

Adjustable beds can be purchased online with relative ease. Even if you don’t find them at physical stores, there are several online companies that make high-quality adjustable beds. However, despite the ease of shopping online, there is no way you can check out the bed before purchase. That precisely is the reason why most online manufacturers offer a trial period on their products. Usually, the trial period is of 100 days, but a few manufacturers can also offer of a full year of the trial. Thus, if you do not like the mattress, you can return it and get a full refund within the trial period. The mattress is usually picked up by the manufacturer at no charge to the customer.

Adjustable mattresses also come with a warranty of at least 10 years. Some manufacturers also offer a 25-year limited warranty. This means customers can get the mattress repaired or replaced for free in case of any manufacturing defects. A few manufacturers also offer free repair of the mattress in case of regular wear and tear.

It goes without saying that an adjustable bed is far more expensive than a regular mattress. Because of the Hi-Tech features, an adjustable mattress is more of an investment than a purchase. Therefore, before choosing a mattress, there should be enough research to find out how the mattress has performed for other customers and if they are happy with the warranty and the refund policy.

Best Adjustable Beds from Online Brands

Even if the adjustable bed you are looking for is not available at a physical store near you, they can easily be purchased online. In fact, several manufacturers that produce and sell high-quality adjustable beds sell it exclusively online. Here we look at six different adjustable beds from online brands.

Nectar Adjustable Bed

Nectar Adjustable BedAmong the most popular online mattress companies is Nectar, an American brand that manufactures both budget and luxury beds. The memory foam mattresses by Nectar are highly sought after because of the gel technology that prevents the memory foam from overheating. Nectar manufactures a wide variety of mattresses in different sizes and customizable options.

The company also produces an adjustable bed frame. It is not a mattress. It is the foundation on which you have to place the mattress. Although you can use it with any mattress that matches the dimensions of the frame, it is best suited for use with Nectar mattresses. The Nectar adjustable bed frame is available for purchase through the Nectar website, and a split king is priced at a little above $1200.

So, what do you get for the price? The Nectar adjustable bed frame is capable of a lot, that includes –

  • Can be elevated from both ends either independently or at the same time.
  • Has three zone massage, which provides relief and comfort to the whole body
  • Comes with a wireless remote to easily adjust the settings without leaving the bed.
  • USB ports to connect your smartphone.
  • The TV Recline feature adjusts the bed to the perfect position for watching TV in bed
  • The Zero Gravity setting ensures there’s less pressure exerted while you sleep
  • The bed frame also comes with a 100-day sleep trial and a 3-year

Leesa Adjustable Bed

Leesa Adjustable BedOnline mattress company Leesa has its own version of the adjustable mattress base. Leesa is based in Virginia and is direct to consumer online mattress company that specializes in the highest quality American beds. They produce both budget and luxury mattresses in different sizes and personalization options. Even though this is an online company, there is the option of trying out their mattresses in store. The adjustable bed frame can be bought online in easy monthly installments.

Leesa adjustable mattress base will work with any mattress, Leesa or not. Like most adjustable beds the Leesa adjustable mattress base which comes with several Hi-Tech features to take your convenience and comfort to the next level. There are four different sizes to choose from, but only the split king has the option to independently adjust both sides of the bed. That means you could be putting your feet up and your partner could be putting their head up at the same time. The other features include –

  • Customized elevation and massager, so you can choose to put either your feet or your head up or elevate your entire body for spa-like comfort and rejuvenation.
  • Zero gravity setting for pressure and pain relief.
  • USB ports on the sides
  • Remote controlled access.
  • Silent motor and under bed LED lights.

The Leesa adjustable mattress base comes with a 100-day sleep trial and a 10-year full replacement Limited warranty. The queen size is priced at a little about $1,000, while the king size comes at $1700. You also have the option to choose white glove delivery service where the company not only delivers the bed to your doorstep but also puts it together for you.

Nest Bedding Adjustable Bed

nest adjustable

Another online mattress and bedding manufacturer is Nest Bedding. Specializing in American made bedding, the family-owned company is based in San Francisco and serves four regions in the US- Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area, New York, Chicago, and Seattle. Besides mattresses and mattress bases, the company also manufactures organic sheets and pillows.

Nest Bedding is known for their affordable pricing. The adjustable mattress base is available in four sizes, with the king size priced at $1699. Not only is there an EMI option but you can also take advantage of the discount that is offered by Nest Bedding very often. The bed frame is designed to work either standalone or fit inside an existing mattress base. If you already have a bed frame with the mattress base from Nest Bedding, you can make your existing bed frame adjustable. Its features are –

  • The bed frame has a 700-pound capacity.
  • Can be elevated at the head or the bottom with the remote.
  • Comes with USB ports and charging options.
  • Two preset settings, head, and foot articulation, and free fall safety mechanism, which means once any part of the bed has been elevated it can only be lowered with the remote control. This prevents accidental lowering of the bed.
  • In case you have no access to power the mattress base also has emergency battery backup.
  • For portability, the bed frame can be folded.

The bed ships free all over the country and can also be tried out at different Nest Bedding showrooms. The bed frame has a 100 days sleep trial, one-year warranty for parts and labor, three-year limited warranty for electronic parts like motor, transformer, remote, control box, and 10-year limited warranty for mechanical parts.

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Purple Powerbase Adjustable Bed

purple adjustable

Online mattress company Purple was founded in 1993 by two brothers, Tony and Terry Pearce. With their background in rocket science and manufacturing and project management, the two brothers decided to change the world. One of the first major products was wheelchair cushioning. Over the years Purple has not only produced mattresses but also various other forms of cushioning including knee pads, ballet cushions, footwear and golf bag straps. They also have their own adjustable bed frame hold the Purple Powerbase.

The Powerbase includes everything that you could ever desire in an adjustable bed. Not only can the head and the lower part of the mattress base be elevated, but the entire bed frame can be adjusted to conform to your natural curves. This means you can safely kiss your back-pain leg swelling and breathing difficulties goodbye with the Purple Powerbase. Some of the prominent features are

  • The massager Technology is also quite different in the Powerbase. In the name of massage most adjustable beds produce an uncomfortable vibration. But the Powerbase uses frequency massagers to deliver a sensation of rolling waves across the body, which is calming and rejuvenating.
  • The bed frame also comes with the Zero Gravity Technology, which means zero pressure is exerted while you sleep on the mattress.
  • With USB connectivity, smartphone integration, four presets, a remote control function, and four different sizes, the Powerbase claims to be superior to other adjustable bed frames available today.

Purple offers a 20-year warranty on the Powerbase, plus free shipping across the country. However, the company has no trial period or return policy. Once you buy the product, you are stuck with it even if you don’t like it, so make sure to choose carefully.

Tomorrow Sleep Adjustable Bed

tomorrow sleep adjustable bed

American bedding company Tomorrow also manufactures adjustable bed frame to be paired with Tomorrow Sleep or any other compatible mattress. There’s the zero-gravity feature that allows the blood to flow to the heart, thereby reducing fatigue and stress. The TV mode elevates your head and feet to adjust your position for comfortable viewing or reading. By keeping the head elevated, snoring can be minimized, while the built-in USB port lets you charge your mobile devices.

A queen size retails for $1698 and comes with a sleep trial. There is a 3-Year Limited Warranty.

Best Budget Adjustable Beds

If you do not want to spend a fortune on adjustable beds, there are budget options available. Two of the best budget adjustable beds are:

Pragma Bed

pragma bed

Pragma Bed derives its name from the word pragmatic, and that is exactly what it aims to achieve with its different varieties of bedding. What makes Pragma Bed different from other mattress foundations is the price and the fact that the adjustable bed frames are available as both manual and motorized forms.  It goes without saying that when you are looking for an affordable adjustable bed frame, you have to let go of a few features. If you are perfectly happy with a budget adjustable bed frame that does not come with hi-tech features Pragma Bed has the right option for you.

There are people who are only interested in the foldable feature of a bed frame and not in any other technical features. In that case, both the options offered by Pragma Bed could be a great fit for you. The manual adjustment bed frame is called Simple Adjust and has to be manually elevated. The head elevates up to 80 degrees while the lower end elevates up to 30 degrees. The motorized adjustment bed frame is called Pragmatic and offers the same functionality of the manual bed frame only at the touch of a button.

When purchasing the Pragma Bed adjustable bed frames, keep in mind that there are no other features. All you are able to do is elevate the head and the foot of the frame. There is no message option, no USB outlet and no under bed illumination. Both the manual and the motorized options are bare-bones bed frames made of steel. if elevation is your only concern, then Pragma Bed beats everyone with their price– the smallest size that is the twin begins at only $225 while the largest size that is the king is only $1,000. There is a three-year limited warranty.

Lucid Adjustable Bed

Lucid L300

Another budget mattress company is Lucid, a company that is known for offering a wide variety of choices in mattresses. Lucid doesn’t claim only one is right for everyone. Instead, it offers several choices according to sleeping position, budget, and firmness. The adjustable bed frames are no different. They are designed to offer the best in comfort and convenience.

If you are looking for an adjustable bed frame under $800, then the lucid L300 is the perfect option for you. Of course, when the mattress base is so affordable, there are features that are lacking. There are no hi-tech features in the Lucid L300; it does the job that it’s meant to do- elevate and fold. The lucid L300 is extremely easy to set up with the assembling process taking only 5 minutes. The base is also designed to fit into almost all bed frames. The smallest size is priced at $500 while the largest is priced at $799. Both the head and the feet are designed to elevate independently. The wireless remote also has a built-in flashlight.

The other adjustable Base by Lucid is the L100, a standalone steel frame that has a motor and a remote. The L100 is even lower priced, at only $350. If you’re short on budget but also would like to try an adjustable bed, the L100 is a good option, to begin with. Lucid ships free within the US and offer a 5-year warranty.

Best Luxury Adjustable Beds

If you’re ready to spend a little extra on a luxury bed, then there are various premium adjustable beds. They offer more features and more tech advancements, making sleep a truly blissful experience. When money is no object, the following adjustable beds can be added to your home.

Reverie 9T Adjustable Bed

reverie 9t

This is one of the most luxurious adjustable beds that you can find today. Their smallest size is priced at $1699 and the largest – the split king – is priced at $2999. The only advantage is that you get innumerable positions for the head and the foot. Reverie is a pretty new company, established only in 2003 and manufacturing began in 2007. However, their luxury bedding is very popular, and the 9T adjustable base is among them. The reasons to love this product are many. First, the bed is designed to fit most bed frames, so you can place it in your existing bed and enjoy the different positions.

Some of the other features of the 9T include presets for Zero Gravity and Anti-Snore, besides two additional programmable positions; advanced lumbar support for better alignment with the spine; 3D Wave massage, with four different waves and ten intensities; OLED remote and charging pad and USB port; Bluetooth® smartphone-enabled; under-bed LED light and ProGrip™ technology for better lumbar support. The bed is easy to assemble and has a weight limit of 850 pounds. There is no sleep trial, but the product does come with a 20-year limited warranty.


Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0

leggett & platt prodigy 2.0

This is another expensive adjustable bed, starting at $1699 and going up to $3499. What you get for the price is a huge number of features. Because this is a standalone bed frame, it looks just like an actual bed, stylish and classy. It is easy to unbox and assemble, but you can also choose to have it assembled by the company. The bed comes with Leggett & Platt’s exclusive MicroHook™ technology that prevents the mattress from slipping from the frame, eliminating the need for retainer bars. The industry’s first capacitive-touch remote comes with a convenient table-top holder, while the legs of the bed are adjustable for you to customize the height. The bed also offers fully adjustable dual massage with wave technology. For complete relaxation for the whole body, the intensity of the waves can be controlled from the app for Apple and Android devices. You also get under bed illumination, which can be controlled from the app or with the remote.

The Prodigy 2.0 comes with a 25-year limited warranty- full warranty for the first year and limited warranty thereafter.