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Nectar Mattress | The Free Trial Leader

Sleep Sherpa readers get $125 off your Nectar Mattress Click Here  for your discount and exclusive offers. Nectar Mattress is a new memory foam mattress company that is upping the free trial ante with a 365 day free trial period. This more than triples the length of many of the online mattress company trial periods. With…

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Natural Latex Mattress q3 from Nest Bedding

Q3 Natural Latex Mattress by Nest Bedding

The Nest Bedding Q3 mattress is latex mattress that can be made with blended latex or organic latex. The blended version has some synthetic latex but is a much more natural option than foam and still gives you all the benefits of latex. A queen size blended latex Q3 retails for $1,499 while the all…

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Nectar Pillow Review Mattress

Nectar Pillow Review

The Nectar Mattress company recently gave me their newest pillow for review. The Nectar Pillow is a shredded memory foam pillow with a tencel cover. The cover itself is removable and machine washable. If you buy a Nectar mattress, you will get 2 free Nectar pillows Below I break down the pros and cons of…

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Zeek Pillow Review

Zeeq Pillow Review A Pillow for the Sleep Geek

Is your pillow just not smart enought for you? Maybe you should consider the The Zeeq Pillow from Rem-Fit. This smart pillow has it all, an anti snore feature, bluetooth connectivity, speakers to listen to your Netflix shows while your spouse sleeps and a sleep tracker. The Zeeq pillow currently retails for $299 and can…

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Tempur Symphony Pillow

Tempur Symphony Pillow Review

I was recently given a Tempurpedic Sympony pillow for review. The Tempur Symphony Pillow by Tempurpedic has a slight contour on one side that allows for more cradling for your head. This makes it versatile enough for all types of sleepers. It currently retails for $99 on the Tempurpedic Website. Tempur Symphony Overview Here’s a…

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Replace Old Mattress

How to tell if your mattress is old or should be replaced

Are you wondering if your mattress is too old? If you are asking yourself that question, chances are it is. But, if you want to be sure consider some of the following questions. When did you buy your mattress? The typical lifespan of a mattress is around 7-8 years before you can expect some notceable…

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forever foundations heavy duty bed frame

Forever Foundations Bed Frame

The Forever Foundations steel bed frame is a heavy duty bed frame that is ideal for heavy couples that need an extra sturdy sleeping surface in order to get the maximum benefit of their mattress. This bed frame supports up to a whopping 4,000 lbs! A queen size Forever Foundation is currently selling on Amazon…

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Brooklinen Limited Edition Linen Sheets

Brooklinen Limited Edition Linen Sheets

I received a set of limited edition linen sheets from Brooklinen and am really impressed with not only the feel but the great pattern which is perfect for your summer bedroom. I have previously reviewed the cotton sheets from Brooklinen which are great and their new linen sheets live up to the Brooklinen name. Overview…

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Amazon Prime Day Mattress and Bedding Sales

Amazon Prime Day Mattress and Bedding Deals

Amazon Prime day is July 11 and that means some of the best discounts of the year will be available to Amazon Prime members. Below is a list that I will be updating throughout the day highlighting the best deals on mattresses, sheets, pillows, sleep trackers and anything else to help you get a better…

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Raycop RS2 Mattress Vaccuum

The Raycop RS2 HEPA Allergen Vaccuum is an excellent furniture and mattress cleaner

The Raycop RS2 mattress vacuum is one of the neatest mattress accessories I have come across in a long time. This little device is the number 1 selling allergen vaccum in Japan. It retails for about $349.99 on Amazon. In a nutshell it works by creating vibrations to loosen any debris and allergens on your…

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rem-fit 500 mattress

Rem-Fit Sleep 500 Hybrid Mattress Review

The Rem-Fit 500 mattress is a new mattresses designed by the makers of the Rem Fit sleep tracker and Zeek Smart pillow. It continues their offering of products focused on people that live active lifestyles and want to maximize their recovery. This mattress feels mostly like a memory foam mattress but it actually has coils…

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