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Nectar Mattress Score

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Idle Mattress Review | 2 sides of sleeping bliss

  The Idle Sleep mattress is a hybrid mattress that is 2-sided. That means you can sleep on either side and flip it to make it last longer. This is the first 2-sided hybrid mattress I have reviewed and so far I am very impressed with it.  The biggest reason for people switching to a […]Read More

Lytton Mattress Review

Lytton Sleep is one of the newest entrants in the online mattress space and they are definitely here to stay. Although their online brand may be newer, the factory has been around for over 70 years. Their main goal is to help the consumer achieve a great nights sleep at a great price and offer […]Read More

Avocado Mattress Review | A Green Mattress

Sleep Sherpa readers get $125 off your Avocado mattress with our exclusive coupon code: SLEEPSHERPA  Activate Here   The Avocado Mattress is a welcome addition to the natural mattress marketplace. It looks and feels great but also is affordable and eco-friendly, it is also available in a vegan option. With 100% GOLS organic certified latex, 100% […]Read More

My Pillow Review | Should You Get One?

  You have probably seen the commercials or come across the My Pillow at your local mall. Maybe you heard about it from a friend who either loves it or hates it. Somewhere along the line you heard about the My Pillow and were wondering, is the My Pillow worth it? I really like it […]Read More

Pillow Guy Down Alternative Pillow Review

The Pillow Guy Down Alternative Pillow is marketed towards gentlemen who could step up their bed game. The entire Pillow Guy brand offers an array of products, all meant to encourage men to pay more mind to this routine but an essential part of life. The products they offer are pillows, sheets, comforters, duvet sets […]Read More

Mediflow Original Waterbase Pillow

Mediflow Waterbase Pillow Getting water on your pillow may sound like the last thing you would want but not in this case. For those in need of some serious neck support and neck pain relief, the Mediflow Waterbase Pillow might interest you. Especially considering that waterbase pillows are clinically shown to improve sleep, as well […]Read More

Purple Sheets Review: Do they Affect the Performance of Your Mattress?

I just got my hands on the Purple sheets. They are advertising them as stretchy, soft and comfy so that you can get the most out of your Purple mattress or any mattress for that matter. They are indeed stretchy, comfy and cozy and in this review, I’ll lay out the pros and cons of […]Read More

SOL Organics Sheets | Amazing quality and price

SOL has made luxury organic cotton sheets more accessible by passing savings onto the consumer. I received a free set of SOL Organics sheets for review. SOL Organics (Sustained Organic Living)  is a company based out of the Twin Cities that makes fair trade, organic sheets at an amazing price. It was a pleasure to learn that such […]Read More

Parachute Sheets Review

I received a free set of Parachute sheets for review. If you’re in the market for a new set of sheets, you need to take a look at Parachute. Parachute was created to offer premium quality bedding at an accessible price. They don’t have any overhead for showrooms and salespeople so that savings is passed on […]Read More

Nectar Copper Premier Mattress Review

  The Nectar Copper Premier mattress is the top-of-the-line model from Nectar and my favorite among the Nectar lineup. It has premium materials from the cooling cover to the supportive base. It is also the most expensive of the three Nectar models but in my opinion, it’s well worth the upgrade considering the amount of […]Read More

Shop the Nectar Mattress in Minneapolis and Compare Against Other Popular Online Brands

The Nectar Mattress is one of the most popular online mattress brands. Known for its incredible value, feel and industry-leading 365 night home trial. You can now try all 3 models of the Nectar mattress at the Sleep Sherpa store in Minneapolis and Chicago. We have the following Nectar models on display in our showrooms, […]Read More

PIllow Cube Review – What It’s Like to Sleep on a Square Piece of Foam

The Pillow Cube is the latest pillow to take social media by storm. The premise is that it is designed solely for side sleepers that need adequate support without the bulk of a regular pillow. I admit I thought it was a great idea but in reality, it does have some drawbacks. Namely the price. […]Read More

Apt2B Melrose Sofa Sleeper Review

Apt2B is a furniture company that was started out of Los Angeles in 2011. Their furniture is made in the USA and is as easy as ordering a book from Amazon. The founders, Alex Back and Mat Herman have won numerous awards for their furniture designs and continue to produce sophisticated-looking furniture at an accessible […]Read More

Moona Pillow Review: Keep A Cool Head

The Moona is a pad that you can place on or inside your pillowcase or use even without a pillow to keep your head cool. It works by channeling cool water through small tubes. This is a great solution for people that tend to sleep hot but do not want to commit to a higher-cost […]Read More

Best Loveseat Sleeper Sofa

Loveseat Sleeper sofas are a fancy twist to the sofa world. This new concept in the furniture segment is just a make-over name to the traditional loveseat sofa. These sofas are the quiet mouse of practical furniture. They fit in snugly in the smallest places and instantly transform that space into a reading, lounging, and […]Read More

Best Floating Beds of 2021 – Review and Buyers Guide

Bedroom decor and bedroom fashion have always been one of the high points in home furnishings. It is very important to keep your bedroom spruced up to elevate boredom and monotony in your personal life. Sleep takes up almost half of your life, and by default, you spend almost half of your life in your […]Read More

Allswell Brick Mattress Review: Firm but not hard

It’s easy to find a firm mattress. Just go to any local mattress store and ask for their cheapest option. It’s definitely firm, but is it comfortable? Probably not. It may feel OK in the showroom but once you get it home and sleep on it for a night, chances are you will find yourself […]Read More

Nolah Evolution Mattress Review

The Nolah Evolution mattress is a plush hybrid mattress that incorporates some of the best mattress technology available. It is designed to perfectly cradle and support side sleepers so that they can sleep all night without feeling the need to constantly change positions. And, if you sleep in the same position all night or most […]Read More

Best Cheap Mattress

Mattresses are known to be expensive. They tend to put a big dent in your pocket as per the popular perception in the market. People always set aside mattress purchases and try to stretch their existing mattress beyond its productive use simply because a new mattress is over the top expensive. There are definitely cheaper […]Read More

Apollo Neuro: The wearable that improves your sleep by building resilience to stress

The Apollo Neuro is a device that you wear like a watch to control your heart rate variability (HRV) and thus affect your mood and energy levels. The Apollo was created in a lab at the University of Pittsburgh by Drs. David Rabin MD, PhD and Greg Siegle PhD. They discovered that using inaudible sound […]Read More

Glad Grid Mattress Review Soft but Doesn’t Sink

The Glad Grid mattress is a 3 layer foam mattress with a unique checker patterned cover. This mattress is designed to be soft for side sleeping and has some unique features that I haven’t found in any other mattress. I was given a queen size for review and after sleeping on it for 2 weeks […]Read More

The Country Living Mattress Review

  Nothing is more important than good sleep, and nothing is more important for a good sleep than a good solid mattress that just knows your body and sleep style. A good mattress makes the difference between a deeply healthy, relaxing sleep and a night spent restlessly tossing and turning on the bed. Country Living […]Read More

Zinus Mid Century Pascal Sofa Review

Have you ever tried to find a good sofa on a budget? Sure there are plenty of choices floating in the market that love to jump on the budget bandwagon, but more often than not, the budget part is just a hoax. You eventually find out that the price listed is just for attention, and […]Read More

Inside Weather Sofa Review

There is no way you can take the sofa shopping casually. This era defines the sofa as the cornerstone of your living space and the dominant factor of your social nights. Imagine wanting to invite people over only to be forced to downsize because of your sofa size or, even worse, wanting to spend the […]Read More

Standard Textile Sheets Review

Chances are that you have already slept in Standard Textile sheets during a hotel stay. The reason I think they are so common in hotels is that they have near-universal appeal, they are durable and easy to care for, and are very affordable. Standard Textile sent me a free set of king-sized sheets and a […]Read More